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Skype for Android 4.0 New Version Updated

Telecom by Editorial Staff (3 minutes ago)   Comments (0)

Good news is Skype for Android is updated right now and has been updated the latest version with entirely new look and feel which is very appealing and attractive. It might take Skype Android to understand and be used to but don't worry at all. MORE »

Is Pakistan List of PayPal Supported Countries to Open Account

Telecom by Editorial Staff (April 27, 04:26 AM)   Comments (0)

PayPal added Pakistan in the list of supported countries worldwide and open the account, this is the hot issue in few days and every one was in happy mood that after the waiting of decades and PayPal is available in Pakistan and particularly digital community of Pakistan were really in stunning mood. MORE »

Mobilink Brings Facebook, Whatsapp & 20 MBs Free Internet

Telecom by Editorial Staff (April 25, 04:21 AM)   Comments (1)

Mobilink is giving free Facebook, Whatsapp & 20 MBs Internet based on usage bonus for unlimited social media usage for Mobilink customers. You have to spend Rs.5 plus tax and join to avail the unlimited Facebook & Whatsapp availability and offer the 20 Mbs Mobilink 3G internets free also. MORE »

Ufone Brings Upgraded Smart Phone U5a for Rs. 6999 Rupees

Telecom by Editorial Staff (April 22, 06:57 AM)   Comments (0)

Ufone 5 great launch of smartphone and successful appreciation in Pakistan market, now Ufone decided to bring the upgraded version U5a from previous version of android base smartphone. Price of U5a is only Rs.6999 rupees and offered many free offers are attractive for android users. MORE »

SafeLink Brings Free Call Phones & Minutes Program

Telecom by Editorial Staff (April 20, 03:46 AM)   Comments (0)

SafeLink wireless offers Free call phones & minutes programs at www.safelink.comto cater the segment of low income group and families. So if you qualify for SafeLink program then win the free call phones and minutes. Matter depends on which state you are living. MORE »

How to Setup GPRS Setting of Android in Pakistan

Telecom by Editorial Staff (April 14, 05:54 AM)   Comments (0)

Explore the method of setup your GPRS setting of Android in Pakistan, 5 telecom operators are Telenor, Zong, Mobilink, Warid & Ufone are separate GPRS settings along with MMS settings. MORE »

PTCL Speed Test, Online Internet Broadband SpeedTest

Speed Test by Editorial Staff (April 10, 06:29 AM)   Comments (0)

Explore official PTCL speedtest from www. and instantly get knowledge of accurate internet speed of PTCL. If you feel any problem with your current internet then here you can test your internet speed with trusted connection. MORE »

Download Skype for (Android)

Skype by Editorial Staff (April 10, 05:51 AM)   Comments (0)

Download Skype for Android safely from Pakistan destination; here you can Skype download latest version uploaded by Skype APK. Don't worry you can easily get download it virus free version for Android 4. MORE »

Sony Acquire Online Streaming Service Onlive

Telecom by Editorial Staff (April 06, 06:21 AM)   Comments (0)

Sony finally acquires the online streaming service 'Onlive' at the end of 30th April 2015. This is the big achievement of Sony and Onlive will be part & asset of Sony with patent rights. As you know Sony is doing the same with worlds famous Play Station, one of the demanding product globally. MORE »

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Telecom by Editorial Staff (April 02, 01:55 AM)   Comments (0)

Ufone is offering exciting weekly internet 3G packages for Ufone customers to provide more convenience in the age of 3G internet . If you are using 3G enable handset and looking to use Ufone weekly internet package then choose the Ufone weekly light bucket, weekly heavy bucket as per your convenience. MORE »

Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages - 3G

Telecom by Editorial Staff (March 31, 06:32 AM)   Comments (0)

Active your Mobilink internet packages & experience high speed mobile internets in 3G enable handsets. Mobilink Jazz is not only offering exciting 3G internet packages but also you can choose bundle of packages as per your choice. MORE »

Ufone Self Care Login Account & Signin(APP)

Telecom by Editorial Staff (March 27, 06:35 AM)   Comments (0)

Ufone selfcare is official portal at to login or Sign in your account and instantly view the account history, call details, SMS history from your Ufone SIM details. If you have already created Ufone login account then correctly enter your user name, password & Ufone mobile number correctly. MORE »

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