Ufone Offers Free Internet After 1MB Paid Internet   -   Pakistan's First Homosexual Site Blocked by PTA   -  

How to access your router if you forgot password/username

AOL by Adham Ali (2 minutes ago)   Comments (0)

How to access your router if you forgot password or username.
Username and password is very important and mandatory for changing the settings of your router, you cannot port-forward with your router if you don't know password or username. So from this you can understand the MORE »

ShahCar Offer 2014 by Ufone - A Chance to Win a Car

Telecom by Usman Swati (April 14, 04:53 AM)   Comments (0)

Ufone brings its customers ShahCar Offer 2014 that would let them a chance to win a brand new car by just loading Rs. 200. MORE »

How to Change Date of a File

IT by Adham Ali (April 11, 12:46 AM)   Comments (0)

When you create a file on an operating system the system gives some properties to file so that files can be distinguished between each other some of properties include date, file format and size of file. This guide will show you how to change the date of file in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and in OS X. MORE »

Nokia to Launch Affordable Nokia 225

IT by Usman Swati (April 09, 10:31 PM)   Comments (0)

Looks like Nokia getting back on track, because Nokia to unveil new affordable traditional style call Nokia 225 to meet lower end market very soon. MORE »

Use an internet radio player on your PSP

Mobile & Gadgets by Adham Ali (April 07, 02:09 AM)   Comments (0)

How to Use an internet radio player on your Sony PSP? If you are bored towards listening the old music of your PSP then you should try other things to add some new stock on your PSP, you can also add a radio player on your PSP to enjoy latest music for all long the years. Here are few steps written which you can follow MORE »

BroadBand Subscribers Exceed 3.35 Million in Pakistan

Business & Marketing by Usman Swati (April 04, 08:47 PM)   Comments (0)

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued stats that broadband subscribers in Pakistan reach 3.35 million in numbers in January 2014. MORE »

How to clean the touch screen of your phone

iPhone by Adham Ali (April 03, 03:54 AM)   Comments (0)

How to clean the touch screen tablet, iPad, mobile, laptop, etc Are you experiencing a dirty screen of your iPad, tablet, or screen of any other device and now wants to clean up your screen with bright and shining finish? Don't worry we are here to help you in this regard we will guide MORE »

Nokia Going to Launch 3310 Again with 41MP PureView Camera!

iPhone by Usman Swati (April 01, 10:56 PM)   Comments (0)

Nokia 3310 mobile phone is going to be brought by Nokia, the most successful mobile of the time, once again with Windows Phone OS and 41MP PureView Camera. MORE »

How to file a complaint to PTCL with the help of Facebook

Social Media by Adham Ali (April 01, 04:00 AM)   Comments (0)

How to file a complaint to PTCL with the help of Facebook. PTCL introduced a Facebook application named as 'Support Box' the objective behind this action is to enhance the customer service and facilitate the users of its products. You can use this application to file your complain MORE »

How to change fonts in MS word

IT by Adham Ali (March 28, 10:32 AM)   Comments (0)

How to change fonts in MS word. Microsoft word is used in homes and offices very commonly and it is now very famous software which is installed in every 8 PCs out of 10. If you have previously used Word in your computer then you must notice that word uses a default font MORE »

Apple Sold out 500 Millions iPhone Around the Globe

Mobile & Gadgets by Adham Ali (March 26, 09:59 AM)   Comments (0)

A report says that apple is successful to sell out about 500 million handhelds (iPhone) in different countries of the world, due to this apple's product got ranked in the list of most valuable brands of the world. It is a true fact that Samsung had sold out approximately a double amount MORE »

PTCL's "4Mbps speed for all" is Finally Implemented

Telecom by Usman Swati (March 24, 11:52 PM)   Comments (0)

PTCL has finally announced its 4Mbps DSL speed for its all the customers & subscribers whether they were using 1Mbps or 2Mbps previously. MORE »

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