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How to Create Another Gmail Account - Setup Multiple Gmail Email Guide

Google by Usman Swati (7 hours ago)   Comments (0)

Learn to create another Gmail Account and make Multiple Gmail accounts along with your primary Gmail Mail remains exists, because creating another Gmail Account will enable you to send and receive Emails from both using single inbox. MORE »

PTCL Internet Broad Band Speed Test, if You are Experiencing Low Internet Speed Guide to Test internet Speed online

Speed Test by Editorial Staff (October 22, 03:24 PM)   Comments (0)

PTCL speed test, test internet speed, DSL Broad band test speed, PTCL users searching online how to test internet speed while experiencing low internet speed so often. Don't worry to confuse here we have enrolled the all methodology for internet users of PTCL to check online speed test. MORE »

Mobilink Crossed the Milestone of 1Million 3G Users

Telecom by Editorial Staff (October 22, 02:55 PM)   Comments (0)

Mobilink Officially announced that company has crossed the 1 million 3G users on its network. After the successfully launch of 3G services just before 3 months ago. Mobilink looking forward to expand the market for 3G service in Pakistan, while within the 90 days of reach such big milestone show the potential of Pakistani market in 3G mobile internet services. MORE »

How to Create Hotmail Account - Learning Guide

Telecom by Editorial Staff (October 20, 04:53 AM)   Comments (1)

Create Hotmail account learning guide, you can create easily Windows Live Hotmail free and after signing it successfully then access anywhere in the world. Users of Hotmail account can take advantage of fast, free, high speed serves and feature of authentic anti-spam system which is strong to support anti-spam and anti-phishing to evade getting ripped off. MORE »

How to Receive Email Notifications of Facebook Account in Your Email Inbox

Social Media by Usman Swati (October 18, 06:03 AM)   Comments (0)

How to turn on FB email notifications is often asked question by those who are unable to receive Facebook Email notifications on their email account such as on Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail etc. Enabling FB notifications to be received on your email is not a big deal. MORE »

How to Reset an Android Phone

Telecom by Editorial Staff (October 15, 02:49 AM)   Comments (0)

Reset android phone, if you're facing slow loading experience of apps time or slow processing speed of android phone. Android users often download excessive apps from Google Play Store which may cause to slow the system of Android phone. If you face such situation then restart of android phone is the best option, remember that formatting of android phone is complex process. If you don't know how to properly format android phone, it may cause damage the phone. MORE »

Telenor MMS & GPRS Settings for Handset

Telecom by Editorial Staff (October 12, 12:04 PM)   Comments (0)

Telenor MMS settings guide, Telenor customers need to send SMS to 131 which will return the all MMS &GPRS setting details of your particular handset. After successful activation of MMS Telenor settings enjoy to send the photos, images, voice clips to other enable mms handset no matter of Ufone, Mobilink, Zong and Warid telecom network. MORE »

Ufone Internet Packages at www.ufone.com - Get Answer

Telecom by Editorial Staff (October 12, 11:25 AM)   Comments (0)

Ufone internet packages, complete information for your mobile handsets of Android, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, learn how to active Ufone mobile internet packages daily, weekly and monthly step by step guide for Ufone customers. MORE »

3G Ufone Internet Packages, Buckets 2014 for Mobile Users

Telecom by Editorial Staff (October 10, 04:39 PM)   Comments (0)

Explore Ufone 3G internet Packages at www.ufone.com/3g/ with all details of 3G tariff, Ufone 3G coverage, guide for unable handsets. In the year 2014 Ufone is successfully operating 3G services cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and Peshawar. Telecom customers of U are curious to get 3G services to take the benefit of high speed internet experience during voice or video calling from iPhone to iPhone free, fast video streaming and fast social media interactions. MORE »

Sims Verification 668 Online at www.pta.gov.pk-Reply

Telecom by Editorial Staff (October 10, 04:04 PM)   Comments (0)

Learn how to check SIM verification 668 online, if you're Warid, Ufone, Telenor, Zong and Mobilink customer. PTA SIM information system allows to get instantly by send SMS to 668 by entering your valid CNIC that how many SIM's in your name. MORE »

Download Skype App for Nokia Lumia 610 for Windows Phone, Review

Skype by Editorial Staff (October 08, 03:34 PM)   Comments (1)

Get your Skype app for Nokia Lumia 610, before downloading check the compatibility of Skype app with Windows phone version such as windows phone 7.5, 8.0 and 8.1, for Nokia Lumia 610 visit the windows market place to find the relevant Skype link to click it and press install app for Nokia Windows's base handset. MORE »

How to Download & Make Free Calls with Skype from Kindle Fire HD

Skype by Editorial Staff (October 07, 04:59 AM)   Comments (0)

You are looking to call from Skype from Kindle Fire HD; download Skype for Kindle Fire smartphone and start making free audio video calls and instant messages by using Skype apps. After successfully installed Skype app at your Kindle Fire you need to login Skype. MORE »

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