Ufone Offers Free Internet After 1MB Paid Internet   -   Pakistan's First Homosexual Site Blocked by PTA   -  

Manage Connectivity with PTCL Managed WiFi Service for Corporate Customers

Telecom by Usman Swati (23 hours ago)   Comments (0)

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched its Managed WiFi Service for corporate customers yesterday, 18th September 2014. Exclusive WiFi service called ‘Managed WiFi' unveiled by PTCL is the first of its kind service introduced in in Pakistan. MORE »

Third Anniversary of YouTube Ban in Pakistan

YouTube by Usman Swati (September 17, 08:06 AM)   Comments (0)

Three years gone since YouTube ban in Pakistan due to YouTube refuse to remove blasphemous video uploaded against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad SAWW, and still ban. MORE »

PTCL EVO Wingle Now in Peshawar - Breaking

Telecom by Usman Swati (September 14, 11:41 PM)   Comments (1)

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched PTCL EVO Wingle service also in Peshawar to provide faster internet data service in surroundings of that respective area. MORE »

How to Connect Bluetooth Samsung Gusto 2 with Mac

Telecom by Editorial Staff (September 14, 07:41 AM)   Comments (0)

Turn on your Bluetooth on phone also turn on Bluetooth on the mac and download all your data, photos from gusto 2 phone. So this is not true that Samsung gusto 2 works only for PC this is not correct. For connectivity of Bluetooth, open the mac system reference and turn on Bluetooth. MORE »

Including Pakistani Gmail Accounts, 5 Million Accounts Hacked and Leaks

IT by Usman Swati (September 11, 01:18 PM)   Comments (0)

It was claimed by a Russian hacker yesterday that he had hacked 5 million Gmail accounts worldwide and published it on the website along with the usernames and passwords online. MORE »

Zong Introduced Hybrid Bundles for Voice, Data and SMS all across Pakistan

Telecom by Usman Swati (September 10, 08:34 AM)   Comments (0)

Zong has launched its hybrid bundles of packages for Data, Voice and Sms comprises different combinations of data, voice and sms according to the needs of the users, yesterday. MORE »

Ufone Brings Super Card Offer for Prepaid Customers

Telecom by Editorial Staff (September 08, 07:33 AM)   Comments (0)

Ufone super card is amazing offer for prepaid customers to entertain many benefits which are fixed on monthly basis, subscribers of Ufone can avail the benefits of free resources including off-net-minutes and on-net-minutes. MORE »

How You Can Access My iTunes Library

Telecom by Editorial Staff (September 07, 07:22 AM)   Comments (0)

Access My iTunes library is important for Apple devices & users can connect the PC for interfacing the all Apple products, so you can easily transfer all data from one device to other Apple device and can be access to your computers. MORE »

How to Connect Your iPad to iTunes

Telecom by Editorial Staff (September 04, 06:01 AM)   Comments (0)

Apple devices can be easily connect & syncing with each other so learn how to connect your iPad to iTunes and this way you can really manage all application at iPad, particularly in the time of online purchase from iTunes store. MORE »

How to Make Private Group Chat in Skype

Skype by Editorial Staff (September 01, 01:53 PM)   Comments (0)

Skype is VoIP software & allows free private group chats, make free video, audio calls while if you are looking to make private group chat in Skype because in your contact list many type of calls and chats. Among them organize your Skype information in group form so your Skype MORE »

Nokia Lumia Icon Review

Telecom by Editorial Staff (September 01, 01:03 PM)   Comments (0)

Nokia Lumia Icon is regarded the best Window base phone capable most sharp power user slobber, powerful to process fast intensive apps, especially for new poster child includes great specification of Nokia's 20-megapixel PureView camera, MORE »

Ufone Special Roaming Tariffs for Hajj Travelers

Telecom by Editorial Staff (September 01, 12:09 PM)   Comments (0)

Ufone offers special roaming tariffs for hujjaj 2014 traveling from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, so pilgrims don't need to buy the new SIM from Saudi cellular companies, their old Ufone SIM's are entitled the low calling rates for prepaid customers. MORE »

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