Expected International Calling Rates Cut By Etisalat Also Benefit Pakistani Community In UAE

Telecom by Editorial Staff (May 30, 12:01 AM)

Etisalat Telecom Operator in its mother destination in United Arab Emirates (UAE) is really thinking to cut down the tariffs of international dialing for many countries. Price cut down strategy will vary country to country and ultimately around 30% of maximum price revision expected.

Basic reason behind this objective seems to lose continuous market share and stem to stimulate international calling habits among the aliens in UAE. Frequency of international calling is decreasing from the Etisalat network and people are using other substitutes which are charging very low rates and even free and Etisalat is willing to take back the share of internet calling.

Voice president home product marketing of Etisalat Mr. Alabbar told that this plan is in very early stage and after approval of regulatory authority but hopefully it comes into the second half of 2012. Etisalat already famous for its call plans and customers are availing up to 40% off from standard tariffs.

Top management is thinking to reduce international calling rates and studding the consumer behavior to reduce the tariff rate of local land line. In case of reduce local land line tariffs will ultimately cannibalize the other product lines including mobile services which are not acceptable at all and aiming to cut on all products. Etisalat is currently thinking to reduce 10% to 30% international calling rates including some popular destinations.

In the list of popular destination, Pakistan, India and Philippines are on top because of large numbers of community of these countries resided in UAE. International calling is the major source of revenue of Etisalat and rival operator du. importantly statistics shows that around 89% of UAE populations consist of foreigners and in counts is around 8.3 million.

Etisalat is also considering the important factor that continuous raise in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, free internet to internet calls and cheep internet of phone calls are the big challenge and importantly people are upgraded their Smartphone’s with capability of VoIP. This is all together is free calling and who will compete them.

But actually not all customers have access to aforesaid technologies and major chunk is also empty to attract by reducing the tariffs of international calling.

Etisalat already reduced its low-end broadband rates and now subscribers are availing the benefit of double speed of broadband in a same rate as they were paying previously.


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