Pakistan Reaches 2 Million Broadband Users

Telecom by Editorial Staff (July 17, 11:44 PM)

Internet users in Pakistan are increasing with phenomenal phase and crossed the milestone of 2 million broadband users end of April 2012, according to the recent statistics of telecom industry. As per high officials of telecom, broadband industry has huge potential in Pakistan and still there are unsaturated markets for potential entrants.

Pakistan telecommunication authorities published the latest statistics and split of user base, according to that DSL connection had reached 849,228 in numbers by end of April. And if we follow the WiMax and EvDo users are 575,572 and 537,908 respectively.

In addition the number of internet users with fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections had reached 8,052 and HFC connections still having a decline curve with numbers 35,993.

PTA also predicts that there are massive growth opportunities in this area and particularly in rural areas to explore new segments.

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