Mobilink Shoot-Up 380% Campaign Response Rate With KENX

Telecom by Editorial Staff (September 16, 06:00 PM)

Mobilink increased its campaign response rate by 380% using the modular of InfiniteInsight Social. As we know Mobilink is the leading cellular services provider enhanced its performance by tracking and analyzing the billions of monthly call details, encompass phone calls, SMS and MMS messages of more than 70 million phone numbers.

KENX is the top leading solutions providers of predictive analytics for corporate announced that use of InfiniteInsight enable to increase the performance of Mobilink campaign response rate, retention rate and loyalty. It further helps to improve the efficacy and save the cost to rightly align their campaigns to understand the customer needs.

Mirza Yousaf, assistant manager of Advanced Analytics at Mobilink, said that the usage of InfiniteInsight Modeler has allowed the company to exactly target their customers and uptake of customer retention offers has soared eight-fold, from 0.5 percent to about 4 percent. Further he said its great achievement of Mobilink to understand their customers what they are actually looking for.

He also explained that majority of Mobilink customers having prepaid SIM and it is all about the 99% of customer base with no contract commitments and very critical for company to retain their business.

Mobilink is owned by Orascom Telecom and having 35 million subscribers, 32,500 sales people are managing 200,000 retailers in 10,000 cities, towns, and villages in the country.

John Ball, Chief Executive Officer of KXEN, said that Mobilink's success shows that applying the social network analysis to millions of subscribers and billions of call records can considerably improve customer insight.  


Mobilink Pakistan is first GSM base operator and subsidiary of the Orascom Telecom and providing leading telecom cellular and Blackberry services provider. Mobilink Jazz is in leadership position with 31.6 million subscribers, strong brand, and largest value added services with vision of next generation mobile internet technologies.

Mobilink Jazz offers jazz packages, SMS packages, jazbamusic.com & call packages for its customers with best voice cellular services in Pakistan; Mobilink GSM brings Jazz Jazba offers and Jazz mobi tunes.


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