NWA People are Switching to Afghan Cellular Phone Services due to PTCL Halted Landline Services

Telecom by Editorial Staff (September 24, 03:32 AM)

PTCL landline Telephone Services: Telecom services of Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) is still fail to maintain its landline services in North Waziristan, and local people are facing problems to call their beloveds, friends & families. Due to non functional PTCL landline signals local people are switching Afghan cellular phone services. It has been seemed high demand of Afghan cellular phone services in North Waziristan and ultimately is causing lose to public exchequer.
In the above contest, officials from Miranshah said that time by time he informed the high government officials regarding this issue and high demand of Afghan cellular phone services in the area of North Waziristan and other unstable tribe areas. This is seemed that government is intentionally not taking any steps and come forward to resolve the issue of local tribe community.
Of course we cannot blame the local tribes to shift towards the Afghan cellular phone services because of unavailability of PTCL services in the tribe areas; they don’t have any option to get the other options to connect their families.      
Now the people of tribe areas also prefer the cellular services launched by Indian Telecom Company in Afghanistan and also offering free calls to India. It is looking good trick and strategy of Indian cellular company to get maximum share from Afghanistan and also touch the nearest boarder tribe areas of Pakistan while our officials are still sleeping and having no tension that what is going on in the high sensitive areas of tribe.
In Sunday, hundreds of protestors registered their concerns regarding aforesaid issue, in the protest tribesmen, shopkeepers and students participated in Dattakhel tehsil of North Waziristan. They all have one agenda against the PTCL authorities who have till unable to repair landline telephone services even PTCL hold the one million broadband subscribers in Pakistan
PTCL services were severely damage before three years ago when security forces construct their bankers and damage the main cable during construction.

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