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Zong Internet Packages

Zong Internet Packages - Zong Hourly Mobile Internet Package: 
Zong is now offering for its subscribers hourly mobile internet packages and its rocking revolution to enjoy and browse internet on mobile devices and active the package on hourly basis. Now customer of Zong can enjoy the offer of Zong to active its outstanding hourly mobile internet packages and keep busy in any hour of 24/7 for their own choice.
Zong customers with hourly package to browse zong internet package for only Rs. 0.25 per minute. It is all about of Zong subscriber whenever they need to active the package for short time like on hourly basis.

How to Activate Zong Internet Package
Activation is as simple as the package, just dial 905 from  ZONG connection and get connected! 

Important Note
Subscription charges for per hour package is Rs. 10 Validity of Monthly Packages is 30 days

After the expiry of monthly packages, standard Mobile internet charges as per the data plan will be applicable. To Activate Hourly and monthly packages dial 905 

Nation wide Tarriff
Voice Package plan
Cost per min
Zong Per hour
Prepaid & Postpaid
Rs. 0.25

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