Uncontrolled Grey Traffic: Investors are Reluctant to Invest in Pakistan

Telecom by Editorial Staff (November 28, 10:23 PM)

Grey traffic is still uncontrollable in Pakistan even PTA is calming that necessary actions has been taken to stop grey traffic even purchase high end equipment to trace the source, Anusha Rehman Khan Convenor National Assembly Standing Committee on IT Information Technology also show the concern on this matter.
Further said, Etisalat is not spending any amount in our country even purchased the major stacks and shares of Pakistan Telecommunication Company, she was addressing the meeting on Tuesday and clearly declared that grey traffic should stop immediately and people involved in this activities should punished also.
No company will invest in Pakistan until unless we completely controlled the issue of grey traffic; committee also suggests the major amendments in in the Pakistan Telecommunications (Re-Organization) Amendment Bill 2010 moved by Humayun Saif Ullah Khan and four other MNAs.
The committee recommended that in order to avoid any conflict of interests, the federal government should not propose any secretary as Member for the Board of PTCL. The Amendment was supported by the Ministry of Information Technology (IT) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).
The committee also noticed that a person cannot keep the interest of government if he is taking benefits from private company, further committee said that committee should comprise on five members and each member should be from each province and their reputation should not be question mark.


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