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Download Duplicate Online PTCL Landline Bill.

Je Han ap app bhe PTCL ke is service se faida utha sakte hain app apne PTCL Bill ke duplicate online apne computer se print kr sakte hain aur wo bhe bilkul free. App is bill ko print kr ke apne record main laga sakte hain aur pdf apne computer per save bhe kr sakte hain jo keh bohat aasan he.

PTCL online portal provide an ease to print your duplicate bills. Now your can download and print for record from your computers without going to PTCL customer centers. You can also download PDF, Print it for your telephone records.. Some time poeple lost their telephone bills or they do not submit payments before due dates. Online Bills are convenient for them to open the bill portal and download or print and can easily get their PTCL Bills. These bills are computerized and same as you got at your door steps. 


Click here to open Bill login area. you just need to enter your telephone number and account id to view and download your billshttp://dbill.ptcl.net.pk/PTCLSearchInvoice.aspx

Check PTCL Telephone Bills Online

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Akram Choudhary
Akram Choudhary 4 minutes ago

for duplicate bill your system is not working properly . please let me know how can i get my telephone bill right now. 041 2406587

zain ul abideen
zain ul abideen November 24, 11:16 AM

ye num ha mera new lagwaya ha 051 4679053 plzzzzzzzz jalde bhjna

zain ul abideen
zain ul abideen November 24, 11:14 AM

is email pa mje bill behje bill ni aya abi tk plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

tahir November 18, 12:20 PM

Please sent the bill of 091-2245572 as soon as possible if u can...

mushtaq ali
mushtaq ali November 14, 01:16 AM

is email address pr mujey 0922580137 number ka bill send kro.naya lagwaya hai abi tak bill nhin aya.

MUHAMMAD YOUSUF November 14, 12:27 AM

improve your e network

jantaz khan
jantaz khan November 12, 01:33 AM

please send me current telephone bill for the month of october 2014 or contace my cell 03014686886 jantaz khan

mudassar iqbal
mudassar iqbal November 05, 06:51 AM

Yar bil to gar bej dia kro

I tried my best for getting copy of my bill but in vain.
I tried my best for getting copy of my bill but in vain. November 05, 03:39 AM

Please help me out from this problem

wajid hussain
wajid hussain November 02, 09:50 AM

I Have Not Recieved Last Two Month's Bill please Send Me My PTCL Bill Thanks

syed shujaat hussain
syed shujaat hussain November 01, 07:02 AM

i have last two month aug,sep dsl ptcl brodband & telephone bill not received (042-37504670) shujaat

Jibran November 01, 04:42 AM

Bill tawo zayda aya kue

muhammad akbar
muhammad akbar November 01, 03:30 AM

bill nhi aya plz tell me way ..?

Muhammad Ashfaq
Muhammad Ashfaq October 30, 08:13 AM

Please send me current telephone bill because I have not received telephone bill for the month of October, 2014

Muhammad Naseem
Muhammad Naseem October 29, 04:14 AM

bills not received till july-2014 to lines 04237862727-728-729

sheikh Hameed
sheikh Hameed October 27, 01:24 PM

please help how to get telephone bill on my email..thnx

akhtar October 27, 03:43 AM


Naimat Ali
Naimat Ali October 27, 03:20 AM

Please help how to get Telephone bill on my email, I would be thankful

Muhammad Shahzad Nawaz
Muhammad Shahzad Nawaz October 24, 12:19 AM

please phone servise is good

ROSHAN ALI SAYANI October 22, 03:59 PM

I regret to write here that the services are very unsatisfactory on web. it is very difficult to find the Billing information comfortably. Your Department is just trying to promote Facebook everywhere.
please try to improve your system.

Mian Muhammad Raees Ahmad batalvi advocate.
Mian Muhammad Raees Ahmad batalvi advocate. October 22, 06:36 AM

Ptcl broadband bill is increasing day by day without notice ?
And now , in the bill if September I have been charged 100 rupees extra.

Muhammad Waheed Khan
Muhammad Waheed Khan October 21, 08:44 AM

kindly sent me a duplicate copy of my ptcl bill for every month through e mail. When a receive the original bill from a corrier boy, it's take to much time and the date has been ended. so please mail me my ptcl bill for every month.

Mohammad Azeem
Mohammad Azeem October 20, 02:13 AM

Please deduct my bill arrears Rs.1760/.these amount are billing month 06-2014 and i submit bill 23/7/14. due date 06-08-2014. last two month these arrears are include.

Rahmatullah October 13, 12:54 AM

Please send my ptcl bill from long time i haven't received my PT CL bill kindly send me a copy Ph#No is 0835431366 (ID no is 183542600 )

riazhussain October 07, 10:09 AM


syed asgher raza
syed asgher raza October 04, 02:49 AM

bill not received on september 2014 plz sent the bill.

ali akbar
ali akbar October 04, 01:29 AM

i have not been receiving my phone bill regularly for the last 4 months. i have lodged complaints through phone to PTCL but in vain. kindly send me my phone bill regularly each month and relieve of further stress and strain. phone No.091 2262367

Dr. Shaheen Ashfaq
Dr. Shaheen Ashfaq October 03, 11:41 PM

Please send me my remaining bill after August, 2014

Sajid Mirza
Sajid Mirza October 03, 05:57 AM

I have not yet received PTCL Bill. Change your attitude. You have so many competitors in the market.

I have not yet received
I have not yet received October 03, 05:50 AM

With such attitude, IN-SHAA-ALLAH, PTCL will close down soon

zulqarnain October 02, 01:48 AM

i did not received my ptcl bill of september my no ia 04237330563

shakil Ahmed
shakil Ahmed October 01, 09:31 AM

duplicate bill requried

art link
art link October 01, 03:16 AM

bhai bill is not received me , okay ,

sayed hussain ali shah
sayed hussain ali shah October 01, 01:21 AM

bill not receve

KASHIF ALI September 30, 01:54 PM

I DID not reciveing my ptcl bill last few month my id 0888735390814

Mohammad Shah
Mohammad Shah September 30, 05:56 AM

I did not receive my phone bill for sept 14. phone \no is 611174 Nowshera cantt.

Mohammad Shah
Mohammad Shah September 30, 05:54 AM

bill send ka

allah ditta
allah ditta September 30, 05:54 AM

sir is number k evo charjies kat kar hamare 2 oct se pehley bej de (041-4797150

allah ditta
allah ditta September 30, 05:57 AM

sir hamara bill 2 oct se pehley bej de evo charjies kat ker(041-4797150)

Rana mubarak ali
Rana mubarak ali September 30, 05:31 AM

why u r not sending me bill

District Consumer Protection Council, Sialkot
District Consumer Protection Council, Sialkot September 25, 11:03 PM

Please send the bill of August 2014 (Telephone No. 052-4291247)

shahzadafridi September 25, 08:42 AM

Not bill is send ka

masomin September 23, 08:49 AM

Please send the bill of august 0744081153, Bill ID: 2101701148,

lubna habib
lubna habib September 23, 01:36 AM


abdul rasool
abdul rasool October 02, 02:45 AM

not recived my bill

Mazher ilyas
Mazher ilyas September 22, 04:14 PM

please despatch ph bill bearing #21-36341700

Mazher Ilyas Ali
Mazher Ilyas Ali October 23, 09:22 AM

I am still awaiting my phone bill bearing # 36341700 , it is humbly requested to you please dispatch my phone bill asp. Thanks

Mazher Ilyas Ali
Mazher Ilyas Ali November 24, 02:59 AM

I am still awaiting my phone bill ph # 36341700 for the month of Nov 2014 , Please despatch asp . Thanks .

wahidullah September 22, 07:45 AM

salam sir i need the month of july bill.plz send because in the august bill their are arrears amount.so i see the detail in the bill.thanks
tele no.2616042
a/c id 2106369186

Hafiz Zahid Hussain
Hafiz Zahid Hussain September 21, 11:22 AM

Please mail me duplicate bill every month in my e mail also tell me from witch side I can get my duplicate bill thanks

wajid Hussain
wajid Hussain September 19, 11:58 PM

telephone bill never have been received for the phone No.061-6221334. I complained many time but no response. I cannot get this month bill from web bcoz website is not responsing. So send me origional phone bill otherwise i will not pay the bill. 2ndly within 2-3 months telephone remained out of order. and also net is not responding even the speed is deadly slow. during skype chatting many time it become disconnected. I am fed up from ur services.

Muhammad Bakhsh
Muhammad Bakhsh September 19, 05:01 AM

have never received my bill for current month telephone # 081-2446844

Muhammad Afeef Siddiqui
Muhammad Afeef Siddiqui September 18, 05:11 AM

Please mail me duplicate bill 3683049

baqar September 17, 10:41 PM


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