PTCL Helpline Numbers, Customer Service Number

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Directory of PTCL helpline numbers and customer service phone numbers. You can call on following numbers for any desired service. PTCL customer center representative will always ready to help you. Here is the complete list of PTCL Helpline numbers.

PTCL Help Line Phone Numbers
New service or purchase assistance
0800 8 0800
To Update Directory Inquiry
0800 0 1217
Billing information
Inquiry or directory services
Complaint registration or help on any fault
Assistance on all services
CLI, Voice Message Service activations
111 465 465
PTCL Calling Card
0800 8 0808


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest telecommunication company in Pakistan

The company provides telephony services nation-wide and is the backbone for country's telecommunication infrastructure despite arrival of a dozen other telecommunication companies


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Ajaz Haider
Ajaz Haider August 24, 01:35 AM

PTCL Pathatic service, please dont waste your mony.

munawar ali khan
munawar ali khan August 22, 06:32 AM

please inform us closing & opening of zero dial facility code

yasir hameed
yasir hameed August 02, 08:42 AM

ye EVO Wingle kaya bakwas hey

tariq khan
tariq khan August 02, 06:25 AM

Mera network sae kam nahi karty kiya waja hai bukwas network hai ak kadam main kam karta hai aur dusry kadam kam nahi bakwas network hai

Attaullah Barijo
Attaullah Barijo July 25, 11:09 AM

Hi Sir Meri Ptcl Ka 15 Deno Se Power OFF Hai Baray Mhirbani Karke Is Ko Thik Karo Warna Mhirbani Karke Is Band Karo Sukria

Shams July 25, 06:32 AM

bakwas customer care........ its actually customer zalalat care center

Rahul  Rai
Rahul Rai July 25, 06:15 AM

Ktni bar complain kru ek dam bakwas service h Ptcl ki. .

Umair Ahmed
Umair Ahmed July 24, 01:47 AM

Ptcl sey may buhot parishan hun ptcl sahi nahi chalta bs complain krwatey raho

Sajjad July 23, 08:22 AM

Pls update about my new demand ID 243UU8Y

somi July 22, 07:53 AM

Aik dam bakwas evo bakwas net

somi July 22, 07:56 AM

3month se net ni a raha paiment leni aati ha base

Pervaiz Akhter
Pervaiz Akhter July 19, 09:57 AM

my telephone also out of order. kindly what procedure of your to disconnect my ptcl telephone number 021 35011547 and oblige.
if you have any form kindly send us to fill and return you.
Thank you

muzamal hussain
muzamal hussain July 17, 02:18 AM

I have received miss call from 0511236 why

Saqib Ur Rehman
Saqib Ur Rehman July 15, 04:43 PM

ALLAH PAK Ka Wastaaa Hain Ap PTCL EVO 9.3 Walo Ko ALLAH PAK K Liye Mere EVO Sahiii Karwa Dain. 1 Week Se Signals Kharab Hain Apko Logon Call par B Thak Gia Ho Aur Compelnt Par B.. ALLAH Ka Khufff Karo Kuch to.. :( :( :(

bilal nyazi
bilal nyazi July 23, 04:37 AM

میرا پی ٹی سی ایل نیٹ ورک پچھل�' ایک ماہ س�' کام نہی کر رہا ہ�یقینی طور پہ پی ٹی سی ایل میں ایس�' نا اہل لوگ موجود ھیں جو پی ٹی سی ایل کو تباہی کی طرف لی جا رہ�' ھیں بحرحال روز روز تینشن س�' اچھا ھ�' کہ کویؑ دوسری کمپنی کا نیٹ استعمال کی جایؑ�' �" اس بار تو پی ٹی سی ایل کا بل ادا کرن�' کا سوال ھی پیدا نہی ھوتا �" آخر کس بات کا بل ادا کریں ؟؟؟

ثاقب حسین
ثاقب حسین July 09, 08:53 AM

میرا پی ٹی سی ایل نیٹ ورک پچھل' ایک ماہ س' کام نہی کر رہا ہ' بار بار کمپلینز کی ھیں لیکن کویؑ فایؑدہ نہی ھوا " یقینی طور پہ پی ٹی سی ایل میں ایس' نا اہل لوگ موجود ھیں جو پی ٹی سی ایل کو تباہی کی طرف لی جا رہ' ھیں بحرحال روز روز تینشن س' اچھا ھ' کہ کویؑ دوسری کمپنی کا نیٹ استعمال کی جایؑ' " اس بار تو پی ٹی سی ایل کا بل ادا کرن' کا سوال ھی پیدا نہی ھوتا " آخر کس بات کا بل ادا کریں ؟؟؟؟

imran ali khoso
imran ali khoso July 03, 04:59 AM

hi sir it is requisted that after turning off laptop when i operated once again the evo(92553007841) is starting with the option 1X perfectly, but not working with option EVDO, pleaze chech it in your office and solve it either tell me the solution through email, if needed????,

Zafar Hayat
Zafar Hayat July 01, 04:03 PM

Sir ,I am belonging from Karak.
My net don't work properly phone #25041..
Please .

Jan muhammad
Jan muhammad July 01, 05:51 AM

Sir my house telephone# 0523505328 from roars exch have no dial tone since24th Jun I noted complaint no 53&82 I make mobile call to local lineman but no actions is taken by local staff

Mujahid iqbal
Mujahid iqbal June 30, 05:42 AM

sir,,,,,,,,,,,,Slow Brosing,,,,,,,, Downloading Transfer rate 20kb/sec,,,,,,,,,,,,please check
0486311040 shahpur city dis sargodha

khurram shamim
khurram shamim June 26, 01:32 AM


Following number is disconnect with non payment.


we have cleared the dues yesterday 25th at 11 am at askari bank phase 7 bahria town rwp.

if we check from 1200 ptcl helpline. its cleared for them.

i complain yesterday and its number is 11.

after 24 hours still servcies are not activaite.

kindly do the needful.

aziz ullah
aziz ullah June 26, 12:21 AM

signal problem rawalpindi 2 signal

AFRAHIM June 25, 07:15 AM

Please provide me one of the following PTCL numbers,


2:- SADDAR BORI PTCL Exchenge Office Number.

3:- BORI PTCL Exchange Office Number.

4:- LORALAI PTCL Exchange Office Number.

If any one have the provide me please,
my E-mail Address


Maqsood June 24, 04:27 AM

Sir hamara net 8din se band h bohat complian ki h ab tak theek nhi howa plliz aap kuch kre

syed zulfiqar haider shah
syed zulfiqar haider shah June 23, 03:11 AM

sir AOA plz humare gawon mai total 500 houses hain lakin ab tat koi ptcl connection nai hai ham log DSL k 50 connections lagwana chahte hain. plz araz ye hai k vill& p/o haji chak tehsil kharian distt gujrat near attowala exchange main DSL ki sahulat mohayya ki jae ham ap k mamnoon honge. 03446020130

Riaz Riaz
Riaz Riaz June 20, 03:51 PM

sir plz humari gawon mai total 500 houses hain lakin ab tat koi ptcl evo 3g nahi lugaya giya hai plz araz ahi k kohistan dubair mai ap ki kafee bostor lugai hai lakin 3g nahi hukam sader far mai

Rasheed khan
Rasheed khan June 20, 05:39 AM

my honorable sir................ . plz give me a website to check evo connection that where they work......... . do evo work in my area. my area is DARGAI MALAKAND........... plz tell me this problm

Ejaz Hussain
Ejaz Hussain June 18, 10:43 PM

Honorble Sir,
It is requested that my Office PTCL fone number is often out of order or disconnect or anyway, the number is not responding. My office PTCL number is 049-4422103

imran ali khoso
imran ali khoso June 15, 05:11 AM

it is requested to you that i have applied in ptcl office near national bank, fatima jinnah road hyderabad for internship so kindly help me to conform either i am selected or not in ptcl office hyderabad. pleaze sent me new selected candidates list.


imran ali khoso
imran ali khoso June 15, 05:02 AM

it is requested to you that i had applied in ptcl office near national bank (fatima jinnah road ) hyderabad so pleaze give me the information that either iam selected or not?? thanks

SJ.Hyder June 14, 10:26 AM

I am user of EVO ptcl usb. On 14.06.15 9.00 AM to 1.00 pm my usb was not connected to internet, the ERROR 678 , 628, & 756, what does it means..? I have already submitted fee at gulistan-e-johar phone exchange in teller machine on 12.06.15, my due date is 18.06.15. Why is it so when I already paid in advance. MDN # 533162839. ESN#099E0B0E. Bill ID 8150824.

Can ptcl give some comments on it that why I have been suffered about five hours...?

Thanks, SJ.Hyder

imran ali khoso
imran ali khoso June 14, 12:01 AM

my evo is not working well, bcs it browse with the help of 1X but not with EVDO, if i keep evdo set up then it shows authentication event occur and does'nt start so pleaze help me.

imran ali khoso
imran ali khoso June 12, 09:21 AM

i am imran ali khoso, student of BBA(Hons) part IV(Final) year,IBA sindh university. iam interested to do internship in your organization so if there is any other alternative way like other recently coming selection period of other candidates for internship or any other else way then pleaze give me the way.

imran ali khoso
imran ali khoso June 12, 06:59 AM

student of IBA sindh university, applied for internship at the branch near national bank, fatima jinnah road hyderabad, but till i am not responded so plz contact me with the help of my email or cell no: 03423343335

imran ali khoso
imran ali khoso June 12, 06:52 AM

imran ali khoso,student of IBA, sindh university jamshoro, it is requested that my evo has been activated but without submitting any form in hlp desk as required bcs at 1st stage of help desk, my email is not being accepted, if its ok then ok otherwise contact me for its solution at my cell phone too. thanks.

shuhab soomro
shuhab soomro June 10, 01:52 AM

My Resident Ptcl land line Number 0222662501 is out of order from the last 15 days. I have registered my complaint at 1218 so many time and also complained at Bail khana road office Hyderabd city sindh but no one hears no any responce yet so pls tell me what I do ?

shuhab soomro
shuhab soomro June 10, 02:14 AM

If any solution have ptcl about my complain, contact with me this my cell phone number. 03003796859

shafimuhammad June 06, 01:22 AM

my eVo optcl received from university lasbela for net using but my evo activation can not me please sent idea for activation evo

M.Kamran Shafi
M.Kamran Shafi May 26, 07:17 AM

My Resident Ptcl land line Number 0915201912 is out of order from the last 15 days. I have registered my complaint at 1218 so many time n also complained at warsak road office 5200018 but no one hears n charged Line rent regularly. Pls make my complained registered.


M.Kamran Shafi
shaheed Hamza Kamran Street
warsak Road

tahir iqbal
tahir iqbal May 24, 12:58 PM

My residance land line telephone No,0553401098 is out of order from 18 april 2015, my complain No.01 is still pending.i am a star customer of PTCL but still suffring from ptcl side.I have contact by several times to 1218,1236,0553203800 and also sending emails to technical support Mr.Omair Naseem,But still my phone dead,plz.sujjest what can i do at this stage.

Tahir Iqbal

Mohsan farooq
Mohsan farooq May 23, 02:13 AM

AslamuAlikum Sir,
Mera PTCL Number 04237991514 he, Jo k Kafi Arsa Se Bnd he, Tone nhi Aa rhi, Bar Bar Complaints B kra li, Phone Nhi Ho Rha, Isi Merey Number Pr DSL ki Saholat Bi Li he, Jo k Bill Ma Is k Charges B lag k aney he, Use ho na ho,
Sir, Meri Ap se Request he k Is Masla Ko Hal Krwa Diya Jay,

Ali Amjad
Ali Amjad May 17, 06:16 AM

0938311065ایک مھی' س' خراب ہ'

Atta khan
Atta khan May 16, 08:49 AM

The quality of ptcl service is very much poor. And even the behaviour of there employee is worse . There is no check and balance. I am trying to get my internet connectivity restored from last four days. I called numerous times to 1218. They never bother to identify the fault. Worse they disconnected my ability to call at 1218.

Atta khan,03064098119, lahore

Muhammad Zafar
Muhammad Zafar May 14, 08:34 AM

Ptcl of Naserabad Azizabad Telephone Exchange very very poor.Complaint 01dated 30th March 2015 & complaint no.81 dated 18.4.2015 another complaint no.53 dated 09.05.2015 not reesolved as yet.

rahim achakzai
rahim achakzai May 11, 07:44 AM

Yar mobile se evo or ptcl helpline kaise Milo?

mustjab May 13, 12:24 AM

area code k sth 1218 milain

Arsalan May 10, 04:05 AM

May ny apni life mai itni ghatiya service kabhi nhi daikhe 3months sy net ki problem ha but koi pouchnay wla nhi ha kab tak ptcl wlon ko hum palain gay is sy acha tu govt he theak tha pvt kr k kia krlia?

wasif ali magsi
wasif ali magsi May 09, 11:04 PM

sir hamarie net safa slow mera masla hal karo

khan May 08, 09:51 AM

ye kesi svc provide kar rahe hain ap?24 ghanty ho gaye net nai araha 3 din nai huye net lagaye huye aur 30 martaba se zyada svc nai i kia yahi svc hai itni bekar svc?

Tariq Mahmnood
Tariq Mahmnood May 07, 12:56 PM

Mera Phone no: 051-4577822.
28 june 2015 se phone lag gaya ha magar first day se Tone hee nahi ha .Aiasa phone no allot kia ha jo kharab ha .Kia baat ha PTCL ki ...Zabardast ...Kahan hien aap ke tv Daweaa?

abdullah May 07, 09:21 AM

Pathetic low quality poor servicr.anyone who want to use ptcl net or TV its slow and ptcl takes 10 days to fix TV or net if it breaks down.stay away from ptcl.

saif ali
saif ali May 05, 03:19 AM

Ptcl Broad Band connection chaiya h lekin hum 4 manth sa sa daliya hpne karta h bolta h apka connection lage jay gae lekin aj connection nh lage plz plz ap hum connection lage kar do humare adrees house num 58 pathan goth hussinbad latifbad hy

Mrs. Ubaid
Mrs. Ubaid May 01, 04:44 AM

Seriously u people need to work on customer services here in Kotli.Also,the number provided never answers and there is no other source I can register my complaint through,other then visiting the office.I really dont want to use harsh words but this is insanr its been three days nearly since the service is down and i cant even complaint.

moaazbasharat April 28, 10:48 AM


moaaz April 28, 10:49 AM


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