Telenor Brings Special Rates to Call UK Landline Number

Telecom by Editorial Staff (December 21, 01:41 AM)

Talkshawk UK IDD- Telenor introduced Telenor to call UK landline number for special rates now prepaid customers of Telenor can to UK land line numbers in Rs. 7.99+t/15 min by dialing a prefix of 999 before the dialed number and there no additional subscription charges.

Subscriber of Telenor or Djuice just needs to dial 999 before dial number to UK landline 0044yyyyyyyyyy, he will need to dial 9990044yyyyyyyyyy to avail the offer.  

telenor uk landline call rate offer
Details Telenor UK Landline Offer
No additional subscription required
Dial 999 before UK landline number
Only for Telenor Djuice prepaid customers
This offer is for UK landline numbers
This offer not includes the Mobile Numbers and charged as per Telenor regular rates


Telenor Pakistan is the cellular company of the Telenor Group, who are provider of high quality voice, data, content and communication services in 11 markets across Europe and Asia Pakistan. Telenor is the largest mobile cellular group in the world with 140 million mobile subscriptions and around workforce of 30,000 employees.

Telenor Pakistan is offering Telenor packages; djuice packages, sign in Telenor, SMS bundles, Telenor internet packages, Talkshawk MMS, Talkshawk Music Box, Telenor helpline support, postpaid and prepaid packages in Pakistan.


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iman February 02, 01:16 PM

if u dial 999 before dialing UK landline...then its says that phone num is not valid...and ur call is not coneccted...while if u dial same num without 999 then it gets connected...:P:P

WAQAR NOOR January 09, 05:30 AM


muhammad rashed
muhammad rashed December 23, 04:32 AM

Dear /sir,
Assalamo alaikum it is not a comments but complaint. on 23.12.12 I did the package.
(*345*24::) & you deducted Rs.33/- instead of Rs.12/-. WHY?.Please return Rs.21 to 03429756402. Thanks.

M Rashed
M Rashed December 23, 04:40 AM

i did the package (*345*24=)& you deducted rs.33/- instead of rs. 12/- why ?
thanks. M Rashed.
0342 9756402
091 5815909

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