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Speed Test by Editorial Staff (January 03, 10:05 AM)

CenturyLink Speed Test - If your CenturyLink internet is not working properly. Check your Bandwidth speed with CenturyLink speed test online for download and upload speed. CenturyLink is providing high speed internet to its customers. You can also test your speed in your areas like Dallas-TX, Atlanta-GA, Ashburn-VA, Miami-FL, New York-NY, San Jose-CA, Seattle-WA and Chicago-IL. To test your internet performance you have to close all applications and browser for accurate results of your internet.Online internet tests are available for fast, faster and fastest internet connections. we are going to present complete detail of all kind of CenturyLink connections

To Test your internet speed http://spdtst-dlls.tx.centurylink.net/CenturyLink speed test

I am using CenturyLink high speed internet since 3 years and satisfied but here today I want to share very interesting story. Last Friday i was at my home is Dallas and working on my laptop. Suddenly my wife comes to me and asked me to download some photos of her friend living in New York. I tried but internet speed was slow. She asked me to check first Century Link speed test. I did but same problem. I just called the customer service and asked them about the internet problem. After some time the internet was working properly and download all the photos.


Centurylink is the top broadband and internet service providers in US United State of America and ranked in number 3rd, major cellular services are high speed internet, voice and TV services, also recognized as leader in network services also, company is established in 1968 and its headquarter is in Monroe, Louisiana.


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Darrell February 03, 08:09 PM

Apparently you are not using the Centurylink service that we have in Montgomery County NC because it is the worst internet service provider that I have ever had any dealings with, they have been out 5 times working on our slow snail internet and it still isn't working properly.

Ken November 30, 06:00 PM

I feel your pain I live in Michigan and there service here is shitty as well centurylink is the only internet service on my 2 mile street go figure

sarah December 20, 03:59 AM

This is nice


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