Telecom Signals disturbing in Chitral due to Heavy Snowfall

Telecom by Editorial Staff (January 03, 04:11 AM)

Chitral is always been facing hurdles in the season of winter and communication signals disrupting in every year, now Telecom services are very poor in Chitral due to heavy snow falling, Previous year also telecom services were out of order in winters.

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) says that phone service is working promptly in Chitral but any disturbance for DSL customers facing temporarily will resolve the issue earlier due to weather conditions.
 The worried area in Chitral is covered in snow and tremendous weather conditions are proving to be obstacles, however PTCL teams are efficiently working to rectify the problem.
It is relevant to talk about here that in order to supply continuous telecom services, the company is currently deploying its Optical Fiber Network in Chitral to carry further ease to people’s lives by superior broadband presence.


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