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Telecom by Editorial Staff (January 06, 05:18 AM)

Install Skype - Step by step guide how to download and install free skype messenger for you Mac or PC systems. Simply add your friends and family contacts make phone calls, video calls or send an instant message for free. You can also call to people on their home phone or cell phones who are not on Skype. Skype offers cheap rates as compared to other services. Just sign in to start unlimited calls. Here at reader.pk we are going to share step by step guide how to download and install Skype for your computer, PC, MAC system, Cell Phone, Skype of Mac, Windows, Skype Linux and Skype Ubuntu.

Skype for you PC


Get the business version of Skype


Skype on your Mobile

Just like calls on your cell phone networks, Skype-to-Skype is the alternative way to make video calls when you’re not at your PC. Install Skype on your mobile and you can take Skype phone wherever you go.


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