IESCO bill

Islamabad by Editorial Staff (January 09, 06:07 AM)

IESCO bill a copy of duplicate from email and view bill, print duplicate bill, details of tariff guide all the procedures, just enter the 14 digit code it is also called reference number to enter correctly. Old references numbers are being revised so kindly enter new numbers to check the details about your current billing status.

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IESCO billing

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moazzam imran
moazzam imran July 04, 08:29 AM

the meter was installed in last week of feb 2014,still i could not received bill.the Ref No as per demand notice is 09141180773134. help me in this regard.

muhammad saleem
muhammad saleem May 26, 10:10 AM

my ref # is 09143531560000 and 09143531560100 .since last month i am unable to track my monthly bill on your site.bills dropped at home give a cushion period of one day and at times are dropped after due date.plz rectify any error in the system.this is .a good facility and must be continued.thanks keep up the good job.

Habib Ur Rhman
Habib Ur Rhman May 03, 06:21 AM

Bill Apr 2014

Habib Ur Rhman
Habib Ur Rhman May 03, 06:20 AM

Bill Ar 2014

muhammad noman
muhammad noman February 24, 08:19 AM

IESCO Compnany his a very good but bill gave to 1,2 dete geve all custemer plz payable with 1,2,3 dates

mohamadishaq February 19, 08:14 AM

very good

Mahmood ul hassan
Mahmood ul hassan February 18, 04:23 AM

IESCO Compnany his a very good

tanzeela Rafi
tanzeela Rafi February 16, 11:02 PM

electricity bill jan 2013


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