Wapda Bill

Lahore by Editorial Staff (January 09, 04:25 AM)

Wapda bill apna chk kar lain online he, is url per www.wapda.gov.pk/iescobill/ click Karin for electricity bill and kindly enter the new 14 number digits reference number and reference number should be correctly enter. After this bill desk will give you the complete details of payment status, signal locations, like payment single locations 540 717 1 757 332.

Customer of Wapda will easily take the duplicate bills from emails and also can print the duplicate bills and complete traffic guide to facilitate the customers. Previously people are facing big problems because the error of banks or some other reason officials of Wapda come to the customers and saying that dues has been not paid and we are going to disconnect the electricity connection. But now online bill checking facility will provide a great ease to show them the bill is already paid.


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Zulfiqar ali
Zulfiqar ali March 27, 05:22 AM

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