Ufone Postpaid Billing

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Ufone postpaid billing and bill payment choice is now very easy, and subscribers can pay their bills using the conventional methods by Ufone prepay scratch card for activation the service just dial the *125# in the mobile and send it.

Payment Modes for Thier Subscribers

Payments through Scratch Cards
Ufone postpay cards can be used for payment
How it Works
Just type *126* (14/16 digit code on the back of the scratch card) followed by # key e.g. *126*12345678901234 #
Payments through ULoad
Go to any of the 110,000 + authorized retailers nationwide and make your payments ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 10,000. For Free activation of this service, just type *125# into your handset and press Send.
Ufone Sales & Service Centers
Ufone postpaid subscribers can visit the service center and pay their bills
        Through cash
        Credit Card
        Debit Card
        Cheque (Cross Cheque in the name of PTML)
        Self service machine (available on selected Ufone service centers)
Direct Debit
Pay your Ufone Postpay bills through direct debit facility with ease and convenience. On the basis of your monthly Ufone Postpay bill, all outstanding amount will be debited from your credit card automatically before the due date. Each month you will receive the bill for your record. This facility is available on the following credit cards:
        Standard Chartered Bank
        Faysal Bank
Using 1 Link ATM
Postpay bill via 1 link ATM throughout the country. So no need to wait in line, simply pay your bill at any conveniently located 1 link ATM by the following the mentioned procedure

Insert your card into the ATM and enter your PIN
        Step 2: Select Bill Payment
        Step 3: Select Mobile Payment - Postpaid
        Step 4: Select – Ufone
        Step 5: Enter the Bill/Amount
        Step 6: Enter your Mobile Number e.g 03341234567
        Step 7: Select your Account and confirm your payment
        Step 8: Collect your confirmation slip
ATM facility is also available on MCB & NIB ATM network

International Recharge
People living abroad like USA, US, Canada can recharge their friend and families Ufone Postpaid, for this please follow the instructions

Phone Banking:
Customers can pay their Ufone postpaid bill through Phone Banking services of the following banks
        Faysal Bank
        Bank Alfalah
        Bank Al-habib
        Habib Bank Limited
        United Bank Limited
        Atlas Bank
        Soneri Bank
        Standard Chartered Bank
        Allied Bank Limited
Online Banking:
Customers can pay their Ufone postpaid bill through online banking service of the following banks:
        Faysal Bank
        Bank Alfalah
        Bank Al-habib
        Habib Bank Limited
        United Bank Limited
        Atlas Bank
        Soneri Bank
        Standard Chartered Bank
        Allied Bank Limited

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Ufone is famous 3G Telecom Company and its customers are excited to get high speed internet via mobile packages, here we have listed the bundles of 3G internet packages at www.Ufone .com, mobile packages, SIM related issues, prepaid & postpaid packages and more fun for U customers.


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03364201444 August 07, 02:44 AM

Jul bill 2016

Abdul Qadir
Abdul Qadir June 08, 01:27 AM

please let me know up date my postpaid bill 0332158858

Abdul Qadir
Abdul Qadir June 08, 01:22 AM

up ate bill position of mobile 0332158858

Bashir Ahamad Mali
Bashir Ahamad Mali November 20, 01:26 AM

I have not yet received the postpaid bill of my No.03377177552 for the month of September 2015. Pl send the copy on my e-mail address

Muhammad Zarif
Muhammad Zarif October 06, 12:35 AM

I have not received post-paid bill for No.03315422214 for the month of Aug 2015. Pl send the same immediately.

natiq hussain shah
natiq hussain shah May 08, 05:48 AM

I want a copy of postpaid bill of my cell no.03145253667 for the month of April, 2015

shahid dogar
shahid dogar December 14, 04:57 PM

Plzzzzzzzzzzzz bill emil kar day

03314488232 December 14, 04:55 PM

Emil nahi ha raha bill ka

SHARIQ AHMAD VAKIL October 14, 12:59 AM

Please send my Bill for September 2014 .My cell No is 03365135681

bilal September 09, 03:43 AM

dear sir
please send my bill of august my cell number 03331210127

mohammed sulaiman asnari
mohammed sulaiman asnari September 04, 01:16 PM

need bill of dec 2011 my cell number is 03323979338

dr.hafiz abdul qayyum
dr.hafiz abdul qayyum September 01, 01:28 AM

plz send my bill of june.july

sekinder Ali
sekinder Ali October 14, 10:24 AM

i want bill of sem

Shafai Ali
Shafai Ali September 12, 03:50 AM

i Want bill of january 2013

Muhammad Akram
Muhammad Akram July 19, 12:07 PM

mayra bill nahe a rah


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