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Login details of webmail.dodo.com.au infopedia and guide for dodo webmail login. learn how to create dodo account and login to your dodo account easily with our dodo learning tutorials and videos. As you know that dodo is always on top and its users believe that the webmail login sign up service is number one.

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This webmail login provide an ease to dodo users anywhere login or setup new webmail account easily and quickly with our step by step free guide and free dodo videos and screenshots. Just enter your dodo user name and password to start using webmail.dodo.com.au service anywhere from any device.

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Dodo 6.20.4 - Login Page


Loading... Login. Email: Password: Mailserver: Protocol: IMAP. Language: Default, العربية, Catalan, Deutsch, English, Ελλάδα, Español, Finnish, Français ...

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Well, after 5 days my email was restored and I had access to dodo web mail once again, however I did not need it because my emails were ...

Dodo 6.20.4 - Login Page


Login Email: Password: Mailserver: Protocol: ...

Dodo Webmail - Login Page


Dodo Australia . Login Email: Password: Mailserver: Protocol: Language: Remember Me: Forgot Password? Dodo ...

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robert kelly
robert kelly April 08, 11:25 PM

hi why cant i log into my email

bazz01 April 15, 02:13 AM

i cant log on also or reach my emails for 3 days my normal log in wont work??? now it wants my valid login


Dave April 23, 03:34 AM

Yep it's all too familiar to me. Can't log on to dodo accounts or email with the password I've been using for four years. What the ??

SUSAN HASSAN April 15, 02:25 AM

Why cant I log into my email I have had always hhad the same email adress and password

william white
william white April 15, 06:23 AM

i cant log on for 2 days whats going on

susan butcher
susan butcher April 15, 11:22 PM

I can't log into my e-mail, it rejects the password I have had for 8 years most frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

colin hayward
colin hayward April 16, 01:05 AM

there is a large message that i can not down how do i get rid of it

alison April 16, 11:34 PM

Why have you changed your lay out?,worked fine before now it is a pain and I m thinking of changing provider

simo April 23, 02:40 AM

agree with other peoples comments, whats goin on ?????

carol pittaras
carol pittaras April 23, 08:53 AM

Hate what you have done too the site, OMG i can't ever find the login page either, since you made the changes i can't get into my email's either OMG change it back please.


Carol Pittaras
Carol Pittaras April 23, 09:00 AM

Me too that's like three day's i have tried and can't log in either.
updating your site should help us not make us mad we are with DODO, now i know why i am the only person i know that is with DODO.
Cant wait now until my contract ends OMG again

Graham April 28, 01:23 AM

Dodo is an absolute stuff up!

kYM April 28, 05:03 AM

Yep the same as every one else,I can't log in to my email seems like it never existed

vicki April 28, 06:23 AM

totally agree. when i do manage to find the log in page i cant log on! very annoying! i will definitely not recommend dodo to any of my friends or family, infact i am going to go out of my way to warn them off it!!

andrew April 28, 07:03 AM

I agree with eveyone, I did try and ring customer service but after 20 minutes I have up. Has anyone had an explanation from DODO?

Kelly April 28, 11:55 PM

Not impressed at all with this new format!!! I can't even access my emails. VERY frustrating!!!

terry April 29, 05:21 PM

you have to go to web mail. dodo now. i find it sux too

Barry in Caloundra
Barry in Caloundra May 08, 03:21 PM

Dodo didn't explain very well their decision for a more email password but once I phoned "support" the matter was courteously and quickly resolved. From my experience their support is vastly better than Bigpond. And don't complain about the accents. I'm 77 and never had a problem.

terry May 15, 06:18 PM

if you keep on changing logging on to my email i will go to another provider it is realy pissing me off

Jan Macdonald
Jan Macdonald May 16, 04:18 AM

I am sick n tied of trying to get into my dodo webmail this pain in the butt has been going on for too long

Alex May 18, 12:18 AM

No sure what's wrong - I can't enter my email. Even kipu@dodo.com.au is NOT CORRECT?!

Lisa valente
Lisa valente May 26, 07:56 AM

I cannot sign into my acct my password is280163 but isn't working

Wilfred Peel
Wilfred Peel May 29, 07:00 PM

cannot login to email account

Betty Jose
Betty Jose May 31, 11:01 PM

Still can't access login page for Dodo Webmail

darren victor jones
darren victor jones June 02, 07:52 PM

I can t read my emails and haven't bin adle to for a long time .can we fix this.and on my modil phone.can t get bill .text it with be pay details.and I can then pay the bill.yours cencear jonze

ross nisbet
ross nisbet June 03, 01:57 AM


barry wood-brignall
barry wood-brignall June 04, 04:42 AM


Mario Silvio
Mario Silvio July 09, 04:39 PM

I have used my monthly usage for June and part of July .On what day does my usage start this month. Mario Silvio

Mario Silvio
Mario Silvio July 10, 04:38 PM

How long is my ,for the want of a better word,my contract with Dodo got to go before I can get to a more competent provider .

Graham August 02, 08:12 PM

Suddenly after 10 years with Dodo my username and password is not accepted.
Time to change my ISP?

paulwhitehouse November 01, 03:15 AM

I can't log into my emails. I've rung 133636 3 times to get it fixed but still no good. My password doesn't work but when I ask dodo to text me my password they send me the one I use but it won't work.

Danica Chiari
Danica Chiari November 05, 04:57 PM

Disgusted at how difficult it is to log in as only reason to log in whilst overseas is for important information

Luke Nieboer
Luke Nieboer December 07, 11:27 PM

I can't login to my email account

Jan Irvine
Jan Irvine December 21, 08:39 PM


William Childs
William Childs January 31, 12:41 AM

I cant connect to the internet on my desktop, with my plug in dodo modem, yet I have no trouble when I pkug the same modem into my laptop, what am I doing wrong, it used to work ok on my desktop.

Graham 2
Graham 2 March 14, 12:35 AM

Dodo web/email is getting worse! I am about to change my ISP.

nigel mellon
nigel mellon March 30, 04:33 AM

Here i am again! getting a rply from you guys is not easy!!! I e.mailed you a couple of weeks ago, inquiring why I now only receive a $14-00 low income cocession, when 6 or 9 moths ago I was receiving a low income concession of $58-56 it progressively reduced each new power bill. The more the bill the less the concession?
and of course you do not reply so I am none the wiser. Thanks for nothing, you can be sure I am gonna take my bussiness elsewhere.....regards Nigel Mellon...account #6622684

joanshawdodo March 30, 08:57 PM

You have two accounts that come up on my mobile.
Please remove the one that says miss Joan shaw now.

serafim kakoseos
serafim kakoseos April 03, 01:09 AM

i too have the same problem i cant seem to log into me email account

ta buu huynh
ta buu huynh April 11, 10:55 PM

can"t login my email