Overwhelming Revenue Generating Shift of Telcos by Data Services

Telecom by Editorial Staff (September 02, 08:11 AM)

After a relative shift from voice to cheap SMS services, a great shift of telecom companies of Pakistan are expected on data services. Slow and steady wins the race, we know, but telecom firms ‘slow and steady’ are not really doing this shift secretly.

By watching the public ‘imposed’ trends towards social websites and Apps like Facebook and Watsapp, smart phones are introduced. Or in other words, telecom companies are keenly following the growing demand of smart phones, which is indirectly related with the trend of using social websites, they are shifting gradually to data services.


To introduce data services effectively in Pakistan, five telecommunication companies i.e. Ufone, Warid, Telenor, Jazz and Zong, are working on data services to prepare public to be pre addicted by upcoming 3G technology in Pakistan very soon.

They are offering cheap internet packages and services with the bundle of varieties already to make people prepare to give a junk of revenue to telecom firms.

In a country like Pakistan, 120 million subscribers of mobile phone are dwelling approximately. And 30 million of them are internet users.

As it is obvious, near about every internet user is also connected with applications like Facebook, twitter and WatsApp etc, the cheap rated data services, if provided, would surely increase the overall revenue of telecom companies overwhelmingly.

To be noted, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Faisalabad are the cities who facilitate these telecoms with huge revenue i.e. 70% roughly.


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araza December 30, 01:36 AM

moro pakistan


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