USF is Going to Create Telecenters to Offer Biometric SIM Verification in Rural Areas

Telecom by Usman Swati (October 24, 06:51 AM)


Watching the situation of easy access of criminals to SIM cards, Telecenters are open in the rural areas of Pakistan under Universal Service Fund (USF) to host the various services like biometric verification of SIM cards, CNIC, birth/death registration and computer trainings.

This service, not only better for security reasons, but will also create career opportunity for the talented or potential youngers from rural areas of Pakistan to minimize and control unemployment rate.

In this regard, the meeting was held in Islamabad under Ms. Anusha Rehman. Many other famous persons attended the meeting named Mr. Akhlaq Tarrar, Secretary IT, Senior Officials from USF, NADRA Chairman Mr. Tariq Malik.

NADRA would have to play a vital role to maintain Telecenters which are to deliver e-services such as e-health, e-learning, e-commerce, e-agriculture etc.

It is expected that Telecenter will resultantly create employments that would be beneficial including the security control in the circumstances of terrorism.


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