How can I use WatsApp on My Computer?

Mobile Apps by Usman Swati (November 24, 10:56 PM)


Don’t have Android? Wana tast Android Application? Just don't worry, now you can use and install WatsApp and many other Android based Application on your Windows based Personal Computers (PCs) and tablets by installing BlueStack following simplest procedure.

All of you who don’t have access to Smartphones, and want to use Android based Application on their Windows or Macintosh based personal computers, whatever the reason behind. You can use these Apps on your PCs etc by installing BlueStack. To simplify, BlueStack is software which enables you to enjoy with Android Apps on your personal computers.

Keeping all other Apps aside, here I m gona present a simplest way or procedure i.e. tutorial, to use WatsApp on your personal computers, Windows tablets and Macintosh computers.

So let’s get rock with it.

First of all, just install BlueStack on your PC, if you don’t have BlueStack, CLICK HERE to download it.

After the installation, following window will appear to you.


You will see the icon named 'Messaging' on the windows which appeared after installing BlueStack at right top, just click it. After that, you will see more or less four options of different Apps, click on of them naming 'WatsApp' shown in upper picture,


Now BlueStack will start searching different Apps stored for WatsApp, after the search completes, many of the options appear click or choose the very first or top option. Just like upper picture,

Now, you woud see BlueStack start downloading WhatsApp apk in your PC as shown below,


Congratulations, after the download complete, just click 'Agree and Continue', enjoy with WatsApp on your PC.


Note: Bluestack on your PC might slow down your PC’s speed and progress lit a bit, because Bluestack will download various libraries and dependency files on your system along with its own files, and You will have to added your Google account on Bluestack to enable Playstore.


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