Browse Free Ufone Mobile Internet after 1 MB Usage on Daily Basis

Telecom by Editorial Staff (November 25, 03:56 AM)

Ufone Mobile Internet:Ufone is offering exciting mobile internet offer totally free on daily basis for their subscribers after the usage of 1 MB internet initially which will cost the amount Rs. 20 rupees and there is no additional subscription required, additional charges also exclusive postpaid and Uth Pack customers.

ufone free internet offer


Terms & Conditions

Offer is not valid for Postpay and Uth Pack customers.

The initially consumed 1MB will be charged at Rs. 20

Customers who are already subscribed to mobile Internet buckets cannot take advantage of this offer

Offer is not valid for time based pay-as-you-go customers

This offer is valid from the consumption of the initial 1MB till 12:00 at night

Ufone 3G Internet Packages, SMS & Call Packages

Ufone is famous 3G Telecom Company and its customers are excited to get high speed internet via mobile packages, here we have listed the bundles of 3G internet packages at www.Ufone .com, mobile packages, SIM related issues, prepaid & postpaid packages and more fun for U customers.


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yasir khan
yasir khan January 10, 12:22 AM

Aur ufone to appni jaga par us ka to baat he mat kar Q kay who to bohat tazz hay

Yasir khan
Yasir khan January 10, 12:20 AM

May to bohat khosh how Telenor walo ke taraf say

Yasir khan
Yasir khan January 10, 12:19 AM

good Network in Telenor

rauf December 26, 02:30 AM

balance hona zarore hai

xxx December 25, 09:53 AM

its a dog company telecome so plz donot use sim

azam jutt
azam jutt March 28, 07:21 AM


muhammad munir
muhammad munir February 01, 06:06 AM

we have problem in broadband services,its not working properly keep on disconnecting, my family live in uk i need to talk with them but i cant talk properly coz network keep on disconnecting even on skype !!!
please solve my problem , i'm really thankful to you...!!!
Muhammad Munir

Hazrat Hussain
Hazrat Hussain December 12, 06:58 AM

Ahmed Farooq bro. I need detail of this number +923329492966 . Can u plz tell me ... I am waiting for ur reply....


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