Retailers Arrested by FIA, Involved in Activating SIMs in Bulk

Telecom by Usman Swati (December 03, 11:39 PM)


With the help of Pakistan Telecommunication Authorities (PTA), Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested retailers involve in bulk SIMs Activation selling in Mardan, KPK in a successful raid.

Two persons are arrested in a joint raid conducted by PTA and FIA in Shareef Abad, Mardan, who were said to be involved in selling and activating illegal SIMs of particular cellular mobile company. The name of mobile company is made hidden by PTA and FIA.

Whatever the company it may be, doesn’t matter, infect, these retailer could be found under every cellular company who are working to enhance their per SIM commission by selling and activating SIMs in bulk. The more SIMs are sold by retailer, the higher their profit would be.

This is what one of the main reason which is being under discussion to stop the massively increasing the use of illegal SIMs in Pakistan specially in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa (KPK) which are being utilized in terrorist and criminal activities most of the times.


However, the successful raid which made possible to have two retailers in custody of FIA who were involve in selling illegal SIM Cards in bulk quantity would help authorities to further investigation to caught many more who are directly or indirectly involve in such activities to control the flow of illegal SIMs.

Still, the verification of SIMs by Biometric Verification System in Karachi must be expand to other cities with more speed in essential some say. However, these types of news and raids are made to help Biometric Verification System provider companies in some views.

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