Skype for Android App Download Latest 5.0.051733 Version Free

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Download Skype latest version 5.0.051733 for your Android apps, Skype installation tips and guide to call free IM, video calls from android to your friend and families. You can download from here free Skype for Android supported handsets safely & securely.

Interesting tips after free download Skype for android

If you sign out after sign in your Skype then you are required to up-grade your Skype version to get the fresh and latest version available from reader.pk. You will learn from here how you will install the Skype on your mobile/handset but you should have the answer of following questions.

You’re Skype Works for 3G, 4G and WiFi

Yes in UK, US internet seep is exceptional and you can active your Skype Android 3,4G and WiFi at your Skype App.
How to Create Skype Account
Click to start your Skype for ANDROID
Press tab to create your account
Agree all term and conditions
Enter the appropriate details like your email address, user name which should be unique and required 6 to 32 characters.
Enter your mobile number

How to Sign in Your Skype App for Android after Download

Enter your user name and password correctly to sign in your Skype
How can You Change Skype Settings
Start Skype
Press tab and come to menu icon

Handset Settings for Android Skype

Sync contacts: Choose how you’d like to synchronize your Skype contacts with your Android phonebook.
Notification: Choice which notifications you’d like to receive from Skype. You can select whether you want notifications for Skype features like status, missed calls, new instant messages, and others.
Allow IMs: Select who you accept instant messages from. Select Contacts only to stop receiving instant messages from people you don’t know.
Receive calls from: Choose who you receive Skype calls from. Select Contacts only to stop receiving calls from people you don’t know.
Answer calls automatically: Select this option to answer calls easier and faster. With this setting active, you don’t have to tap any buttons to answer incoming calls.
Technical information: Select this to display technical call info. It will show you info such as sound volume, video quality, and bandwidth usage.
Video excellence: Select high or low video quality giving to your connection.


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