Skype for Android 4.0 New Version Updated

Telecom by Editorial Staff (May 03, 06:31 AM)

Good news is Skype for Android is updated right now and has been updated the latest version with entirely new look and feel which is very appealing and attractive.  It might take Skype Android to understand and be used to but don’t worry at all.

We will let you know the step by step instruction and guide to understand the latest updates to experience the Skype.
Right away update the new Skype for your Android 4.0 devices and follow the guide so that you can show anywhere to see your profile, make a call and start a chat.  Skype is the heart beating software to make free video calls, live conversation, favorites and people list can be added also.

You can also contain the recent list and latest conversations highlighted with new messages and also mark the all conversation. Make favorite all your groups and contacts and filter the list to show the contacts available you are looking too.

How to add a contact:

You need to open Skype
Tap the menu icon and select Add people
Search for your friend using their Skype name, email address or phone number
Select your friend from the list of results and tap Add to contacts
Type a message to introduce yourself, if you like, and tap
Send the message to one and more than one user of Skype for Android 4.0 by tab the message icon at main screen and type the name of contact and send the message.
If you are looking to sign-out the Skype then tab the profile picture at right corner of screen and tab the menu icon and press the menu button and tap for signout  SKYPE.


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