Kaymu.pk Introduced iSO App in Pakistan

Pakistan by Editorial Staff (May 20, 04:57 AM)

Kaymu.pk is very famous online shopping portal and builds the great trust in Pakistan for shopping community online to sell and buy the products. Kaymu.pk recently launches the iSO app for iPhone users to download at smartphones and browse the Kaymu.pk.

Before introducing iSO app, Kaymu.pk already introduced the Android and Blackberry apps for their users. Importantly the current app will permit and facilitate the customers to order instantly and also help the Kaymu.pk to help the users who are not able to access the computers.

Kaymu.pk is taking great initiative to launch the apps for mobile users in Pakistan, 3G and 4G revolution in Pakistan shift the huge users on mobile even though they don’t have any access to computer. Future is m-commerce in Pakistan and Kaymu.pk is capturing this market segment and working excellent in this regard.

Because still 12 million 3G subscribers in Pakistan is the big number and continuously growing in massive phase also PTA told that mobile data usage has increased 600 percent in year 2014.   


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Peter Boehm
Peter Boehm September 30, 01:58 AM

Kaymu nimmt außerordentliche Aktivität, um die Anwendungen für den vielseitigen Kunden in Pakistan, 3G- und 4G-Transformation in Pakistan Versand verschieben die kolossalen Clients auf tragbare trotz der Tatsache, dass sie keinen Zugang zum PC haben. Zukunft ist m-Handel in Pakistan mit Kamagra http://www.kamagrahub.biz/ .

Qadeer Chaudary
Qadeer Chaudary May 22, 11:36 PM

Please can you change iSO to "IOS", Thanks


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