Ufone 3G Call, SMS, Internet Packages 2016 Daily, Weekly & Monthly

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Look up Ufone 3G internet packages upgrade version for daily, weekly and Monthly bundles are available as Ufone is offering amazing SMS & call package for its users. You can browse many Ufone internet packages in the bucket of 3G while Ufone is improving the 3G signals coverage in Pakistan to facilitate its customers to offer high class services in domain of internet while using the mobile and smart phones.

Ufone is committed to offer world class customer care and services to its subscribers, Ufone was initiated in the year of 2001 and keep its reputation highly demanded and people are rushing to buy the SMS packages, MMS packages, call packages and when era of 3G started. You can understand that 3G internet services are up to the mark as compare the other telecom players in Pakistan.

Nowadays Ufone is considered the third major player in Pakistan, stuff competition in telecom sector is the major landmark in Pakistan to prominent mobile internet awareness. This was not easy to keep competitive position in the market but Ufone also improving day by day its 3G, 2G intern packages and services.

Ufone 3G Internet Packages, SMS & Call Packages

Ufone is famous 3G Telecom Company and its customers are excited to get high speed internet via mobile packages, here we have listed the bundles of 3G internet packages at www.Ufone .com, mobile packages, SIM related issues, prepaid & postpaid packages and more fun for U customers.


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Mrs.Shabbir October 02, 03:20 AM

I bought 500 rupee supercard but it internet mb are finished in 10 days

shahrukh August 27, 04:27 AM

i bought a ufone sim but when i am doing weekly sms package company said tht i am nit allowed to do this ?

maqbool alam
maqbool alam November 29, 09:01 AM

Can I use mini super card for foreign telephone calls,uk etc


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