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Telecom by Editorial Staff (November 20, 09:40 AM)

Fetch up PTCL duplicate bill download and make a copy for print DSL broadband telephone from official website www.dbil.ptcl.net.pk for further assistant. Hi Guy today I will teach you how to print PTCL billing copy online if you are the users of PTCL broad band, EVO or telephone customers.

PTCL is Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited operating its telephony, broadband internet services for all over the Pakistan. PTCL is continuously innovating its products and services and value additions all the time.

ptcl dupliate bill

PTCL is now offering its customers to view and check the PTCL duplicate bill online and there is no charges or any cost involved in this process. Before this online bill check service of PTCL, subscribers of PTCL are essential to submit the application for duplicate bills issuance.

We are also offering the opportunity for you to download the PTCL EVO Duplicate bill online from here for your convenience.  Just to enter the phone number without area code and enter your account ID which is issued at a time of PTCL service purchase.
You can also search the PTCL EVO and PTCL BILL options are available to check according to your demand.  To print the bill PDF format is available and required to install the Acrobat reader after download the PTCL bill print to get it.


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest telecommunication company in Pakistan

The company provides telephony services nation-wide and is the backbone for country's telecommunication infrastructure despite arrival of a dozen other telecommunication companies


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ptcl-speedtest PTCL is the main media transmission organization in Pakistan giving telephonic and remote correspondence administrations and speediest DSL broadband and Wireless Internet administrations.ptcl-speedtest PTCL offers Landline Telephone Connections, Wireless Telephone Connections, Smart TVI (PTV Service), DSL Broadband,ptcl-speedtest EVO Wireless Broadband and so on. PTCL is the principle media transmission association in Pakistan giving telephonic and remote correspondence organizations and speediest DSL broadband and Wireless Internet organizations. PTCL offers Landline Telephone Connections, Wireless Telephone Connections, Smart TVI (PTV Service), DSL Broadband, EVO Wireless Broadband et cetera.


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