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assalamu alaikum: Telenor Talkshawk call packages are available Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 3days, 7 days, 50 minutes can be activated from your mobile devices, and we are specifically managing the Telenor call packages for your convenience and list down all details. Here complete list of Talkshawk packages that how to active it and price of each bundle detail is here.

In recent days Telecom companies are focusing to offer competitive call packages as Warid, Ufone, Mobillink, and Telenor in the packages race. After the incredible mobile usage in Pakistan and particularly 3G and 4G internet packages from telecom companies increase the competition and offering more value for customers.

In this age Telenor Talkshawk call packages are the only solutions for mobile customers to choose packages as per your choice and call rate, SMS and internet is very cost effective price.

List of Telenor Talkshawk Call Packages

Talkshawk 3/3 offer
Din Bahar Offer
Haftawar Chhappar Phaar Offer


NEW: Updated Telenor Talkshawk Call Packages

Talkshawk Economy
Call all networks and amazing rates also called plus 60 sec
Off net: Rs. 2.00+Tax
FNF:Rs. 0.90+Tax
SMS: Rs. 1.50+Tax
2G: Rs. 1.13 / 64 KB 

Talkshawk Value Package
Great rates for calls offers only value package to all networks for lovers
On net: Rs. 1.80+Tax
Off net: Rs. 1.80+Tax
FNF:Rs. 0.90+Tax
SMS: Rs. 1.50+Tax
2G: Rs 1.13 / 64 K

TalkShawk A1
Right away subscribe to Talkshawk A1 package and rates are very affordable to make a call SMS to FnF
On net: Rs. 1.00+Tax
Off net: Rs. 1.40+Tax
FNF:Rs. 0.70+Tax
SMS: Rs. 1.50+Tax
2G: Rs 1.13 / 64 KB

50 Minute Bundle
Djuice offers amazing 50 minutes bundle to make calls and go tension free all the time
50 Telenor Minutes
1 Day

3G Daily Unlimited Internet Bundle
Price of this Telenor 3G internet Bundle is Rs. 9.56 rupees, with volume of 1GB internet for the time of One day and for activation Dial the Dial:*345*139#.
3G Daily plus Internet Bundle
Price of this Telenor 3G internet Bundle is Rs.29.88 rupees, with volume of 200MB internet for the time of One day and for activation Dial the Dial:*345*132#.
3DAYS Din Bhar Offer
Price of this offer is Rs. 20 rupees and valid for 3days, 6am to 6pm make a free calls, and dial *345*626#
Terms and Conditions
Any time offer and price can be changed
Talkshawk  have all rights to withdraw the offer
19.5% FED applies on usage and 12 paisa incl. tax call setup will be charged on every call.
0.84% higher prices shall be charged in Federal Territory, Baluchistan, and AJK and Gilgit Baltistan region.


Telenor Pakistan is the cellular company of the Telenor Group, who are provider of high quality voice, data, content and communication services in 11 markets across Europe and Asia Pakistan. Telenor is the largest mobile cellular group in the world with 140 million mobile subscriptions and around workforce of 30,000 employees.

Telenor Pakistan is offering Telenor packages; djuice packages, sign in Telenor, SMS bundles, Telenor internet packages, Talkshawk MMS, Talkshawk Music Box, Telenor helpline support, postpaid and prepaid packages in Pakistan.


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Aman ullah khan d.i.khan
Aman ullah khan d.i.khan March 23, 09:41 PM

*345*626# mera yeh package q nahin ho raha hy wajah.

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saifullah June 13, 03:10 AM



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