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Find array of Ufone 3G internet packages 2016 daily, weekly, monthly internet buckets to get access for fastest mobile internet solutions for U customers. All of the telecom operators offering 3G internet packages but Ufone internet package is the best in reliability, speed and performance. You can browse YouTube videos, download games, browse the internet surfing and many more stuff by using the exciting Ufone internet packages which are available in many bundles. You are required to choose the desire Ufone internet bucket and subscribe the packages to activate for your mobile phone technology and start high speed internet browsing all over the Pakistan.

Ufone is offering internet 3G package speed in many ranges starting from 256 Kbps to 3Mpbs; also implement the data cap limit which is started from 50 Mb to 3 GB. Customers of Ufone can easily de- active their 3G mobile internet packages to dial *7701#.



Active Ufone 3G Internet Packages.


Handsets offers 3G on Ufone network supports by default 3G, but for new 3G handsets can be easily activate the 3G service by dialing *7700*.


Ufone 3G packages are also named PAYE for prepaid customers; tariff is charged Rs.20 rupees per MB & FUP 20 Mb for 3G services.

Ufone 3G Internet Packages, SMS & Call Packages

Ufone is famous 3G Telecom Company and its customers are excited to get high speed internet via mobile packages, here we have listed the bundles of 3G internet packages at www.Ufone .com, mobile packages, SIM related issues, prepaid & postpaid packages and more fun for U customers.


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Ayesha October 23, 09:38 AM

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shaistaaziz June 26, 03:53 PM

it's not good to end internet package in super card I never load again.poor customers not afford

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Politics April 04, 05:36 AM

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Telecome jobs
Telecome jobs March 19, 06:53 AM

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Hcnnews December 22, 01:08 AM

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