Broadband Technology

In the modern age broadband technology is the real revolution and many mobile & internet services providers are engage in this business, high bandwidth because of broadband made the life easier ever and technically speaking is the transmission medium in which transport many signals and traffic travel simultaneously.

There are many medium involved in this technology like wireless, fiber and coax, as we know that before the invention of broadband the old technology dial up was used to browse the internet. In this time bandwidth was very low and normal user has to wait to load the webpage and experiencing the rich content needed to wait a lot.

In this time the professional services providers who are engaged with network services or doing outsource business were facing lot of issue due to lack of internet speed, like remotely excess the server of any corporate needs high bandwidth of internet speed and also required high speed for the data download and upload.  

Now after revolution of broadband technology life is so easier due to high bandwidth and internet companies are offering many broadband packages to attract their target audience on competitive prices.

In the time of old ear when dial up internet is the only source to download and upload the songs, images, videos, in this times one song took around 30 minutes to download up to the size of 3.6 MB, and download a movie of around 1GB took a days.