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Web Hosting Supplier in Pakistan

Business & Marketing by Usman Swati (May 18, 08:34 AM)   Comments (0)

Most of businesses face issues in choosing the right web hosting, designing & development that meet their requirements as well as charging reasonable price. This could be problem to find right hosting company in Pakistan. MORE »

Internet Banking Touches the Volume of 16% Financial Transactions in Pakistan

Business & Marketing by Usman Swati (June 21, 03:44 AM)   Comments (0)

During January to March 2014 quarter, volume of financial transactions through Internet Banking increases about 16% first time in Pakistan. MORE »

BroadBand Subscribers Exceed 3.35 Million in Pakistan

Business & Marketing by Usman Swati (April 04, 08:47 PM)   Comments (0)

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued stats that broadband subscribers in Pakistan reach 3.35 million in numbers in January 2014. MORE »

Wateen & Qubee are Going to Merge

Business & Marketing by Usman Swati (December 05, 12:50 AM)   Comments (1)

Two broadband companies of Pakistan, i.e. Wateen and Qubee have decided to merge to conduct joint operations in Pakistan to enhance energy in wireless broadband market. MORE »

Apple Most Worthy & Valuable Global Brand

Business & Marketing by Editorial Staff (May 22, 03:33 AM)   Comments (0)

Apple no doubt considered the most valuable and worthy brand globally also includes in the list of 100 most valuable global brand with brand value of $2.6 trillion according to the latest figures published report. Annual BrandZ worked and study the top hundred brands considering worthy and most reputed valued wise. MORE »

CCTV Karachi

Business & Marketing by Ali Fakhruddin (January 26, 04:15 AM)   Comments (1)

We would like to introduce Magnum Enterprises (ME) as a reputable and fast growing vendor of CCTV Surveillance products being a Sole Distributor of Everfocus Products in Pakistan. MORE »

CCTV Karachi

Business & Marketing by Ahmed Baig (December 05, 03:06 AM)   Comments (0)

Elakta Technologies are providing a wide variety of best quality Security Cameras and DVR with Installation service in reasonable rates. With our security cameras you can monitor your office from home or home from office and after installation our technician completely guide you how you can online control cameras or change the direction of view. Elakta Technologies provide 1 Year warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. MORE »

Telcom Industry Continued its High Growth Rate, PTA

Business & Marketing by (April 16, 06:03 PM)   Comments (2)

A review that was recently released by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has revealed that despite of the tough economical conditions of the country as a whole, people have been quite busy in spending in this particular industry, and there has been a positive growth in telecom indicators.

According to a UK based telecommunications research company; Pakistan has been ranked as at number six, in the telecommunications based texting market. Now this particular search result shows its favorable impact on the revenues that were earned by the telecommunication industry in Pakistan. MORE »

Privatization Commission Dispatch Official Letter to Etisalat for $100 Million Collection

Business & Marketing by Ali (April 13, 03:10 AM)   Comments (1)

Privatization commission of Pakistan officially wrote a letter to Etisalat to recover the pending payments, till time of privatization of PTCL and holding new management of Etisalat $800 million are pending to pay government of Pakistan. MORE »

Young Entrepreneurs Conference will be held on March 27 at Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad

Business & Marketing by Editorial Staff (March 20, 06:35 AM)   Comments (0)

Open invitation for public and private sector to participate youth entrepreneurship conference arranged by YEC (youth entrepreneurship forum) and Islamabad chamber of commerce & industry on 27th March 2012 in Islamabad.

Major sponsors of this event are International Power, Coca Cola, Engro, Warid Telecom, KMR and Ittehad Steel. MORE »

Role of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Business & Marketing by (March 01, 10:45 AM)   Comments (0)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an essential for over all prosperity of Business is concerned. Pakistan is facing severe economic crisis in all the fields like electricity, manufacturing and service industry.

Entrepreneur's are the real asset of our country. we need fresh innovator and entrepreneurs for thriving economy. MORE »

Greet success to entrance PK goods duty free trade in EU markets

Business & Marketing by Editorial Staff (February 04, 05:40 AM)   Comments (0)

Pakistani economist's and industrialist express great achievement to gain access in EU markets along WTO's duty free Pakistani 75 products. On first phase WTO granted this relaxation for two years to facilitate Pakistan, remember EU proposed a relaxation of tariffs to facilitate Pakistan's economy. MORE »

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