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LG Announced F60: With 4G LTE Support & Android 4.4.2 As O/S Read Full Specification and Phone Review

Mobile & Gadgets by Adham Ali (October 03, 01:37 PM)   Comments (2)

LG announces F60 with 4G LTE support & Android 4.4.2 read full specification and phone review, LG is spreading the 4G LTE platform in the world which shows that LG is now planning to take steps to add itself in to the market of 4G mobile phones. MORE »

Microsoft Devices Officially Launched Nokia XL in Pakistan

Mobile & Gadgets by Usman Swati (June 01, 04:05 AM)   Comments (4)

Nokia has unveiled Nokia XL in Pakistan in an event held yesterday in Lahore, as better than Nokia X in terms of performance and size both. MORE »

Use an internet radio player on your PSP

Mobile & Gadgets by Adham Ali (April 07, 02:09 AM)   Comments (1)

How to Use an internet radio player on your Sony PSP? If you are bored towards listening the old music of your PSP then you should try other things to add some new stock on your PSP, you can also add a radio player on your PSP to enjoy latest music for all long the years. Here are few steps written which you can follow MORE »

Apple Sold out 500 Millions iPhone Around the Globe

Mobile & Gadgets by Adham Ali (March 26, 09:59 AM)   Comments (1)

A report says that apple is successful to sell out about 500 million handhelds (iPhone) in different countries of the world, due to this apple's product got ranked in the list of most valuable brands of the world. It is a true fact that Samsung had sold out approximately a double amount MORE »

Get Nokia Play 360 Wireless Speaker worth Rs. 14,500 for Free

Mobile & Gadgets by Usman Swati (March 18, 12:39 AM)   Comments (4)

Nokia has declared that it is giving its Play 360 Wireless Speaker just for free with newly announced every Nokia Lumia 1520 that is purchased. MORE »

Samsung has Announced Galaxy S3 Slim

Mobile & Gadgets by Adham Ali (March 17, 02:42 AM)   Comments (3)

Samsung has introduced a new model in its galaxy series named as galaxy S3, the company has announced this model with features a little less than real S3 phone. The display of the phone is set at a size of 4.5 inches with a qHD technology which might be disappointing MORE »

HTC Desire 310 - Asserted to be a Budget Phone

Mobile & Gadgets by Adham Ali (March 07, 11:15 AM)   Comments (1)

HTC Desire 310 Review, Specs, and price in Pakistan can be viewed from here. HTC announces its latest phone yesterday with a title of budget phone, while saying that we have made our desire series quite attractive while sticking with the title of budget category. The latest announced phone is named as HTC Desire 310 with an ability of dual SIM handling. MORE »

Sony announces Xperia M2 a mid range phone.

Mobile & Gadgets by Adham Ali (February 27, 07:08 AM)   Comments (1)

As everyone knows that Sony is manufacturing more and more sophisticated phones with time, but recently Sony announces its low price phone Xperia M2. MORE »

Huawei Announces Ascend G6

Mobile & Gadgets by Adham Ali (February 25, 03:27 AM)   Comments (3)

Huawei announced it new ascend phone, with quite good specs and features named as huawei G6. The phone comes with 4.5 inch of display built with qHD technology with a resolution of 540 x 960 overall pixel density is 245 pixels per inch. MORE »

Use 'Nokia Treasure Tag' and Don't Forget Things at Home

Mobile & Gadgets by Adham Ali (February 20, 05:39 AM)   Comments (0)

Did you forget your important things at home while leaving home? Don't worry this is a common problem faced by many in the world but the unlucky thing is that you're also one of them. Here is the solution of your problem which is MORE »

Nokia Finally Going to Announce its Android Phone Next Month

Mobile & Gadgets by Adham Ali (February 12, 09:27 AM)   Comments (0)

Nokia Finally Going to Announce its Android Phone Next Month. After a period of long duration of rumors about Nokia android phone now the time has been reached where the phone is going to public very soon. Nokia at last unveiled the time of launching its android phone MORE »

Voice X5-Octa Core Phone Launched by United Mobiles

Mobile & Gadgets by Adham Ali (February 11, 08:34 AM)   Comments (0)

Find Voice X5 details, specification, features and price. United mobiles a local mobile phone distributer recently launches a new most expensive and high specification phone. MORE »

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