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A Detailed and Deep Overview of Mobile APPs[Infographic]

Mobile Apps by Adham Ali (February 18, 08:48 AM)   Comments (0)

Here is an infographic which shows a very detailed analysis of mobile apps; you can get aware with all the latest and unique information about mobile apps. MORE »

Easy Taxi- Reaches Pakistan Book Your Ride While Sitting at Home

Mobile Apps by Adham Ali (January 09, 11:38 PM)   Comments (0)

Now use Easy Taxi App in Pakistan, Download Easy Taxi on Android, Download Easy Taxi on Iphone from here free. MORE »

Now Search Restaurants & Read its Reviews Before Dining-In With Warid "My Dining" App

Mobile Apps by Adham Ali (December 30, 01:52 AM)   Comments (0)

Are you looking for a dinner place? Or a search engine where you can search for a restaurant to choose the place for today dinner or Lunch? The solution to your problem is here I am going to answer. There are many applications MORE »

10Pearl launched its Subdivision for Game Development

Mobile Apps by Adham Ali (December 20, 12:49 AM)   Comments (0)

10Pearls a company focuses on application development now turned out and wants to go into mobile game development. For this purpose a sub division has been created with a name MORE »

Beaware Your Whatsapp Conversation is in Danger of Being Stolen

Mobile Apps by Adham Ali (December 09, 12:56 AM)   Comments (5)

Now here is news from different sources that your Whatsapp conversation can be stolen from your mobile phone without your intent to do so. A developer has prepared MORE »

Warid Rickshaw App Gaining Popularity in Foreign Countries

Mobile Apps by Adham Ali (December 06, 10:08 AM)   Comments (0)

Warid Rickshaw App which was released recently, but has being able to achieve a place in the hearts of many mobile game players. Warid has managed to popular its game MORE »

'Gammapix' an Application Detecting Radioactivity

Mobile Apps by Adham Ali (November 25, 10:53 PM)   Comments (1)

The general trend behind choosing a phone form decades is the look of the phone and attractiveness of the phone. People buys the phone considering that how this phone will impact on their MORE »

How can I use WatsApp on My Computer?

Mobile Apps by Usman Swati (November 24, 10:56 PM)   Comments (0)

Don't have Android? Wana tast Android Application? Just don't worry, now you can use WatsApp and many other Android based Application on your Windows based Personal Computers (PCs) and tablets by installing BlueStack following simplest procedure. MORE »

8 Different Apps to Make You Literary Citizen

Mobile Apps by Usman Swati (November 11, 07:59 PM)   Comments (0)

Are you an American, ok then I m sure you are a less book reader. Because only 25 percent of American over age 16 read a book in a year. But we are going to help you with 8 (eight) different App which would help to enhance your book reading. MORE »

Instagram Offering Sample Ads At First Step

Mobile Apps by Adham Ali (October 25, 12:45 AM)   Comments (0)

Instagram offered the first model that how the ads will look in mobiles while using Instagram. This model is unveiled on Thursday in a blog post. One of the MORE »

HTC Dual Sim with Ultra Pixel Camera Available Online

Mobile Apps by Usman Swati (September 06, 07:00 AM)   Comments (0)

After the overwhelming recognition of HTC 600c, and HTC Desire 300 in India market especially, now, a great feast news for you to hear that HTC has launched Dual Sim with ultra pixel camera for just Rs. 53,590 Indian. MORE »

Instagram New Video Feature Appealing Top Brands

Mobile Apps by Editorial Staff (June 28, 04:20 AM)   Comments (0)

Instagram has already launched the video feature a week ago and top 14 brands in the list of 100 inter brand list has already posted their videos while Instagram video feature has beat up the battle with Vine to magnetic attention of brands globally. MORE »

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