Mobilink Jazz offers jazz packages, SMS packages, and jazz 3G internet packages for its customers with best voice cellular services in Pakistan; Mobilink GSM brings Jazz Jazba offers and Jazz mobi tunes. Mobilink Pakistan is first GSM base operator and subsidiary of the Orascom Telecom and providing leading telecom cellular and Blackberry services provider. Mobilink Jazz is in leadership position with 31.6 million subscribers, strong brand, and largest value added services with vision of next generation mobile internet technologies. brings all Mobilink Jazz latest offers, international roaming, Jazz Juke Box, Mobilink jazz coverage, Mobilink indigo & Mobilink BlackBerry details all in one, just browse

Mobilink Brings Facebook, Whatsapp & 20 MBs Free Internet

Telecom by Editorial Staff (April 25, 04:21 AM)   Comments (7)

Mobilink is giving free Facebook, Whatsapp & 20 MBs Internet based on usage bonus for unlimited social media usage for Mobilink customers. You have to spend Rs.5 plus tax and join to avail the unlimited Facebook & Whatsapp availability and offer the 20 Mbs Mobilink 3G internets free also. MORE »

Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages - 3G

Telecom by Editorial Staff (March 31, 06:32 AM)   Comments (5)

Active your Mobilink internet packages & experience high speed mobile internets in 3G enable handsets. Mobilink Jazz is not only offering exciting 3G internet packages but also you can choose bundle of packages as per your choice. MORE »

Mobilink 3G Weekly Internet Packages Har Dil Har Din

Telecom by Editorial Staff (March 02, 06:51 AM)   Comments (1)

Learn the experience of Mobilink Jazz 3G weekly internet packages, if you have active Mobilink SIM & 3G enable handset then active the Mobilink 3G by dialing the *443*3# and send it. After this action you will receive the reply message of activation of 3G services of Mobilink in your 3G enable handset. MORE »

Mobilink Introduces the WiFi Device Plus 25 GB Monthly Internets

Telecom by Editorial Staff (February 21, 01:48 AM)   Comments (1)

Mobilink offers WiFi device along with 25 GB monthly internet for their customers to stay connected with 3G mobile internet and enjoy high speed internet by using Wi-Fi device. Mobilink Wi-Fi device is coming with special 3G internet packages and subscribers of Mobilink can easily create the hotspot to connect the 10 devices. MORE »

Mobilink Internet Package Mobile Plan - Explore

Telecom by Editorial Staff (February 07, 10:05 AM)   Comments (3)

Amazing Mobilink internet Packages & plans with facts & figures for Mobilink prepaid & postpaid customers. You can experience high speed internet speed of Mobilink 3G as many users recommend it cost effective mobile data plans with high speed internet compare to other cellular companies. MORE »

Mobilink Jazz Internet Settings for Android

Telecom by Editorial Staff (January 21, 09:09 AM)   Comments (23)

Mobilink Jazz Internet Settings for Android, if you are Android user and willing to active GPRS settings for Mobilink. One of the fastest and demoing 3G internet packages your Android users to avail high speed mobile internet. Because Jazz is offering cheap and affordable 3G, 4G mobile internet packages with high speed of browsing, video streaming and much more. MORE »

Mobilink Introduced 1GB 3G mobile Internet Data Bundle

Telecom by Editorial Staff (January 21, 08:13 AM)   Comments (5)

Mobilink 1GB 3G mobile internet bundle is available for Mobilink customers for only Rs. 8 rupees and consume the data between 12 am to 5pm daily bases. It is amazing offer to consume 30 GB data bundle in a month and only consume the Rs. 240 rupees. For daily subscription of Mobilink 1GB 3G Bundle code is *114*14#. MORE »

Explore the Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages Details

Telecom by Editorial Staff (December 23, 02:36 AM)   Comments (3)

Mobilink Jazz is proudly presenting the daily, weekly and monthly jazz SMS packages; you can choose the SMS packages as per your requirement. We have listed down the complete packages of jazz to jazz and other networks. You can choose various SMS packages and bundle from here with low price rate and connect your friends and families via text messages. MORE »

Mobilink SMS Packages - Message Friend as Much You're Pocket Deems with Mobilink

Telecom by Usman Swati (November 20, 03:12 AM)   Comments (3)

Mobilink of offering variety of Mobilink SMS packages, because only Mobilink care about your pocket. Mobilink can understand suit your situation and pocket stay connected. Customers can subscribe to any SMS Bundle of their choice by dialing single USSD string *445#, with the option to select a Daily, Weekly or Monthly SMS Bundle. MORE »

Mobilink Internet Packages 3G Guide - Jazz

Telecom by Editorial Staff (October 28, 05:10 AM)   Comments (18)

Mobilink Internet packages, Mobilink Jazz simply rules as King in this stance. Mobilink 3G packages for mobile internet users in Pakistan to activate the daily, weekly and monthly 3G bundles for Mobilink Jazz customers. Mobilink showcase the amazing Jazz 3G packages & bundles options to choose the required 3G mobile internet bundle and activate it. MORE »

Mobilink Crossed the Milestone of 1Million 3G Users

Telecom by Editorial Staff (October 22, 02:55 PM)   Comments (0)

Mobilink Officially announced that company has crossed the 1 million 3G users on its network. After the successfully launch of 3G services just before 3 months ago. Mobilink looking forward to expand the market for 3G service in Pakistan, while within the 90 days of reach such big milestone show the potential of Pakistani market in 3G mobile internet services. MORE »

Mobilink Introduced 3G Services for Postpaid Customers

Telecom by Editorial Staff (September 24, 01:12 PM)   Comments (2)

Mobilink has launched the 3G services for their business customers or called it postpaid3G bundle for postpaid customers, before company already introduced the 3G services for prepaid customers. Test services are now resumed for prepaid customers offered free fro few months. MORE »

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