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Largest Solar Energy Plant of the World Now in Pakistan

Pakistan News by Usman Swati (June 11, 07:26 AM)   Comments (0)

Pakistan to launch its first and world's largest solar energy plant to produce 1,000 Megawatts of electricity situated in Bahawalpur around a month ago. MORE »

Jang Newspaper on Fire, Another Photoshopped Fake Picture

Pakistan News by Usman Swati (March 09, 10:55 PM)   Comments (2)

Jung Newspaper published another photoshopped fake picture on Karachi edition which has surprised many professionals what foolish Jung is doing! MORE »

Shoes Designs & Mass Customization

Pakistan News by Editorial Staff (May 10, 08:53 AM)   Comments (1)

The era of the Mass Customization is now emerging particularly in shoes designs. Although customized products are not yet widespread, but now eventually it is gaining importance in market place. Now many international companies are diverting their business approach towards customization in shoes designs & sneakers, due to its immense benefits. MORE »

Suicide Bomb Blast Death Toll Reaches 80 in Hazara Town, Quetta

Pakistan News by Editorial Staff (February 16, 11:10 PM)   Comments (0)

QUETTA: A powerful suicide-bomb blast targeting Shia community in Hazara Town market in Pakistan killed more than 80 people and injured 150 people including women and children's MORE »

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