Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest telecommunication company in Pakistan The company provides telephony services nation-wide and is the backbone for country's telecommunication infrastructure despite arrival of a dozen other telecommunication companies.
PTCL latest news of Broadband packages, EVO 3G, EVO wireless, student bundle packages with free Wi-Fi offers, broadband 2Mpbs to 4Mbps upgrade promotion, home & personal packages, speed test , PTCL Vfone, landlines  telephone information.
PTCL is providing prime services in the area of broadband, standalone smart, 3G EVO Nitro, EVO Wingle, EVO Droid, EVO 3G wireless broadband services for its customers, company also provides the solutions for business, carriers & wholesalers and international business. 

PTCL Duplicate Bill

Telecom by Editorial Staff (November 20, 09:40 AM)   Comments (12)

Fetch up PTCL duplicate bill download and make a copy for print DSL broadband telephone from official website for further assistant. Hi Guy today I will teach you how to print PTCL billing copy online if you are the users of PTCL broad band, EVO or telephone customers. MORE »

PTCL Brings Call me Back SMS Service

Telecom by Editorial Staff (March 06, 01:35 AM)   Comments (3)

PTCL call me back SMS allows mobile users to intent others to call you back, this call me back options will permits busy mobile users. In the meanwhile when they are free and read your message and call you back or you are concern about your budget and not willing to call to others and send a PTCL call me SMS service to call you back. MORE »

PTCL 2Mbps DSL Connection Offer in Price of 1Mbps

Telecom by Editorial Staff (December 23, 02:01 AM)   Comments (3)

PTCL recently upgraded 1Mbps broadband DSL connections to experience the speed of internet to 2Mbps without any extra charges till 31st March 2015. This intimation was published at PTCL official website. MORE »

PTCL Speed Test, DSL, Broadband at

Telecom by Editorial Staff (November 11, 08:11 AM)   Comments (1)

Improve PTCL Speed to test DSL, Broadband, EVO connection, if you have installed flash 8 version which supports Okla speed test to check your internet connection is supporting the PTCL offered speed for internet for your PTCL broadband packages. MORE »

Manage Connectivity with PTCL Managed WiFi Service for Corporate Customers

Telecom by Usman Swati (September 18, 03:24 AM)   Comments (1)

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched its Managed WiFi Service for corporate customers yesterday, 18th September 2014. Exclusive WiFi service called 'Managed WiFi' unveiled by PTCL is the first of its kind service introduced in in Pakistan. MORE »

PTCL EVO Wingle Now in Peshawar - Breaking

Telecom by Usman Swati (September 14, 11:41 PM)   Comments (2)

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched PTCL EVO Wingle service also in Peshawar to provide faster internet data service in surroundings of that respective area. MORE »

Chaar Ji EVO Service by PTCL of 36Mbps

Telecom by Usman Swati (August 01, 08:48 AM)   Comments (0)

In extensive launches of internet services in a row, PTCL launches 36Mbps of mega internet speed service naming Chaar Ji EVO again. MORE »

Configuration of PTCL DSL Modems - Complete Installation Guide

Telecom by Adham Ali (June 24, 05:48 AM)   Comments (4)

PTCL broadband Installation & Configuration of PTCL DSL Modems guideline you can download it and view it simply by clicking on the desired model of PTCL Broadband router. Find the complete installation steps MORE »

PTCL Announced 8Mbps DSL Package for Rs. 2,999 Per Month

Telecom by Usman Swati (June 03, 07:31 AM)   Comments (2)

PTCL remarkably announced to launch availability of its new high-speed DSL broadband package for its customers in just Rs. 2,999 per month today. MORE »

How to file a complaint to PTCL with the help of Facebook

Social Media by Adham Ali (April 01, 04:00 AM)   Comments (11)

How to file a complaint to PTCL with the help of Facebook. PTCL introduced a Facebook application named as 'Support Box' the objective behind this action is to enhance the customer service and facilitate the users of its products. You can use this application to file your complain MORE »

PTCL's "4Mbps speed for all" is Finally Implemented

Telecom by Usman Swati (March 24, 11:52 PM)   Comments (5)

PTCL has finally announced its 4Mbps DSL speed for its all the customers & subscribers whether they were using 1Mbps or 2Mbps previously. MORE »

PTCL Reports 97% Growth of Annual Profits for 2013

Telecom by Adham Ali (February 04, 09:52 AM)   Comments (1)

PTCL Reports 97% Growth of Annual Profits for 2013. Pakistan's loss making department now shows a profit of billions for the year 2013 after being governed by a foreigner group. The company CEO said itself that the company is making these profits due to competitive policies and strategies in MORE »

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PTCL Broadband Packages


PTCL Dialup Internet offers n-Net innovative service with very low charges includes dialup internet fixe line and dialup internet Vfone

EVO Wingle 9.3 Mbps

PTCL EVO Wingle 9.3 Mbps supports 3G USB modem with built-in Wi-Fi hotspot; EVO Wingle is futuristic Wi-Fi tool that lets you naturally connect multiple Wi-Fi gadgets at the same time at Hyper Speeds of up to 9.3 Mbps in over 200 cities.

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