Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest telecommunication company in Pakistan The company provides telephony services nation-wide and is the backbone for country's telecommunication infrastructure despite arrival of a dozen other telecommunication companies.
PTCL latest news of Broadband packages, EVO 3G, EVO wireless, student bundle packages with free Wi-Fi offers, broadband 2Mpbs to 4Mbps upgrade promotion, home & personal packages, speed test , PTCL Vfone, landlines  telephone information.
PTCL is providing prime services in the area of broadband, standalone smart, 3G EVO Nitro, EVO Wingle, EVO Droid, EVO 3G wireless broadband services for its customers, company also provides the solutions for business, carriers & wholesalers and international business. 

PTCL Wireless, VPhone, Broadband Wireless Packages

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Compelte details of PTCL Wireless, VPhone, Broadband Wireless Packages, Wireless Payphone and Vfone charges all in one place. Get your favorite PTCL Wireless Connection and enjoy non stop fast telephone service. MORE »

PTCL Call International Local Rates and Charges

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PTCL Call, International and Local, PTCL to PTCL and to other network rates and charges. As we know that PTCL is very economical telephony services in Pakistan. MORE »

PTCL Broadband Packages DSL

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PTCL Broadband Packages DSL - DSL Packages: PTCL Broadband is reliable internet with more than one million customers in Pakistan in 1000 cities, rural areas and towns across Pakistan. So Experience the Internet at its fastest with high-speed access from Broadband Pakistan. MORE »

PTCL Wifi EVO, Wifi Modem, Broadband Packages

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Wifi PTCL Broadband is most popular Wi-Fi internet service and Modem or Router on fixed line that gives customers the access to use broadband service in any part of their house including bed rooms, kitchen and even in bathrooms without any disturbance. MORE »

EVO 3G Packages, EVO Tab, Nitro and Wireless Broadband

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PTCL EVO Packages - PTCL EVO Wireless Broadband is Now introducing the Most Fabulous Prepaid Packages for its valuable customers. PTCL once again brings amazing prepaid packages with MEGA VOLUME DOWNLOADS designed to suit your tech lifestyle and to ensure you stay connected to your friends and family around the clock. MORE »

Net PTCL Broadband Speed Test DSL Speed Test

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PTCL Speed Test - If you want to check your broadband internet speed then you test PTCL internet speed on test speed web portal. it gives you upload and download speed. MORE »

PTCL Broadband Internet Speed Test Online

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PTCL Broadband internet Speed test is reliable tool to test your broadband internet PTCL Speed Test wireless, DSL internet speed free.. Speed test PTCL, EVO speed quality and performance. Slow internet is always problems in Pakistan because of poor cables and broken land lines. MORE »

Rapid Metro Bus Project Crashed 700 PTCL Landlines

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Rapid Metro Bus Project in Lahore is in its final stages to complete, due to this mega project infrastructure development and digging of lands across the road dead more that 700 PTCL Landlines and near about month has been passed. MORE »

PTCL Warmly Celebrates 41st National Day of UAE

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PTCL warmly celebrates the national day of UAE, in this occasion high management participated in 41st national day of UAE; this Independence Day is celebrated in 2 December each year in United Arab Emirates continuously two days. MORE »

PTCL supports Sport Day at Kainat Public School

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Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL) took initiative and sponsors the sports day at Kainat Public School in Islamabad as a part of social responsibility. PTCL is always encouraging the youth at colleges and universities to participate in sports activities. MORE »

PTCL Introduces EVO Recharge Offer

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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) introduced the exciting win-back offer for its EVO customers to only charge their EVO account and lift the benefit of full month usage totally free. MORE »

Smartel Appointed as Distributor of PCTL Products

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Smartel is the telecom distribution company and having years of experience in this domain, now PTCL joins hands with Smartel for the distribution of its products and extended its network of distribution to increase the reach of products and services for their customers. MORE »

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PTCL Broadband Packages


PTCL Dialup Internet offers n-Net innovative service with very low charges includes dialup internet fixe line and dialup internet Vfone

EVO Wingle 9.3 Mbps

PTCL EVO Wingle 9.3 Mbps supports 3G USB modem with built-in Wi-Fi hotspot; EVO Wingle is futuristic Wi-Fi tool that lets you naturally connect multiple Wi-Fi gadgets at the same time at Hyper Speeds of up to 9.3 Mbps in over 200 cities.

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