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A New iOS App for Facebook Celebrities Only

Social Media by Usman Swati (November 07, 11:16 AM)   Comments (0)

Facebook has provided a new iOS based app only for famous people and celebrities like public figures causing it easier for them to interact with fans, as Facebook Mentions App. So the app will only be available for the celebrities and public figures. MORE »

19% Growth in Facebook Censorship in the Past 6 Months - Facebook Privacy at Hit List Again

Social Media by Usman Swati (November 06, 03:56 AM)   Comments (0)

Sorry Facebook users, you're at hit list again, as governments around the world are eager to get data of Facebook accounts, and removing and censoring upload, download, posts, messages and lot more without your permission. MORE »

Set Up New Facebook Account in Shortcut - Learn How to Make/Create an FB Account

Social Media by Usman Swati (October 30, 07:28 AM)   Comments (1)

Do you want to get social with creating Facebook (FB) account to join friends? Then learn how to make a Facebook account with step by step guide, you'll learn how setting up a Facebook account isn't an uphill task. MORE »

How to Receive Email Notifications of Facebook Account in Your Email Inbox

Social Media by Usman Swati (October 18, 06:03 AM)   Comments (0)

How to turn on FB email notifications is often asked question by those who are unable to receive Facebook Email notifications on their email account such as on Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail etc. Enabling FB notifications to be received on your email is not a big deal. MORE »

How to Find Facebook ID From Your Facebook Profile?

Social Media by Adham Ali (July 24, 04:53 AM)   Comments (7)

Find Facebook id From your profile on Facebook. As you might be aware that Facebook is a social website which allows you to share your photos, interests and other information. Facebook has created many features MORE »

WhatsApp, Viber May and Skype May Get Blocked in Sindh

Social Media by Usman Swati (May 15, 04:47 AM)   Comments (1)

The social media applications like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and other are going to be ban in Sindh province by the government in order to control terrorist activities. MORE »

How to file a complaint to PTCL with the help of Facebook

Social Media by Adham Ali (April 01, 04:00 AM)   Comments (11)

How to file a complaint to PTCL with the help of Facebook. PTCL introduced a Facebook application named as 'Support Box' the objective behind this action is to enhance the customer service and facilitate the users of its products. You can use this application to file your complain MORE »

Don't Want to Lose Twitter Followers? Read This

Social Media by Adham Ali (March 11, 02:53 AM)   Comments (0)

Many people normally don't want to lose their twitter followers which they have created after much hard working. I will assume that you also don't want to lose your followers from your twitter page do you? MORE »

WhatsApp to Add Voice Calls Service Later This Year

Social Media by Usman Swati (March 03, 05:19 AM)   Comments (0)

WatsApp has announced that it will be adding voice calls to its portfolio later this year along with messaging service which al reading is being in service. MORE »

Facebook got WatApp in 19 Billion Dollars with Closing E-Mail Service

Social Media by Usman Swati (February 25, 03:48 AM)   Comments (1)

The Social Media Website, Facebook bought one of the most famous mobile messaging applications WatsApp in just 19 Billion US Dollars. And Facebook also closed its E.Mail service as well. MORE »

What Would be the Future of Facebook? 2014?

Social Media by Usman Swati (February 04, 08:52 AM)   Comments (0)

What will be the Future of Facebook? How 2014 would be for FB? Isn't it that many browsers, search engines & social network either gone or lost their place? MORE »

Does Facebook Stock Unpublished Data Like Posts & Comments?

Social Media by Usman Swati (January 05, 01:03 PM)   Comments (0)

Thousands of around the globe are in doubt that Facebook is also saving their unpublished posts or comments with more than 27 thousand signatures. MORE »

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